By Kyle Buck | 03/04/2014

For the most part it’s been so cold for so long that 90 percent of every river in Western Michigan is frozen over. Right now there’s only selected areas that you can fish. Those include Tippy Dam on the Manistee and Croton Dam on the Muskegon. I’m sure there’s some other rivers around that are open, but right now it’s still five degrees out. As of today the Great Lakes are 90.5% ice covered and expected to reach 97% in the next two days, setting an all time record. That just shows how cold it has been around here.


However, I actually think it’s been good for the fish. It’s limited the angling pressure. When we have gotten out in those open sections fishing has been really good, but getting out has been few and far between. So what can we expect for the rest of steelhead season? Best-case scenario is it starts getting into the thirties and forties and we have a slow thaw. If that happens everything will remain fishable.


Meanwhile, we’ve had snow here in Muskegon since November and we only had two days, I think, above freezing since. What that means is there’s a lot of snow around and if it all melts at once, it’s not going to be good for fishing.


Right now, the ground is frozen and there’s feet of snow. So, if gets warm and there’s rain there’s nowhere for the water to go. It can’t soak in the ground. If this happens the rivers will all flood. We had record