Use This Fire Bait Bait Trick: Catch More Trout

//Use This Fire Bait Bait Trick: Catch More Trout

Use This Fire Bait Bait Trick: Catch More Trout

By: Samuel “Fluff” Davidson

I used to take Kool-Aid, pour it on canned corn and go trout fishing. Because it was sweet and colorful the trout loved it. It also gave the yellow corn an orange hue. We caught a lot of trout with that bait and even more on dough bait. Meanwhile, I started using Pautzke Fire Bait a year ago because it out fished the other dough bait we used to purchase. Peach Garlic and Garlic Salmon Egg Fire Bait have been my two favorite colors because they look a lot like that Kool-Aid corn I used to use. A few months ago I got the idea of mixing the two colors of Fire Bait because I thought it would look similar to the color corn that I used to catch so many trout on. The first time I tried, it worked instantly. I don’t know if it’s the two colors that they like or the smell, but the trout can’t resist it.

My friends and I were the only ones using this technique for a while, but it’s catching on. Now when I walk the stream there are a lot of other anglers doing the same thing with Fire Bait. It’s working daily. For some reason mixing the two colors works much better than only using one. If you want to catch more trout this is one trick to try. Fire Bait mixes better than other dough baits on the market. It’s something easy to do.

When using Fire Bait I opt for a size 8 or 10 Eagle Claw salmon egg hook. I’ll use a Gamakatsu if I can find them, but they are hard to find in the country. Many anglers use a size 12 or 14 for trout, but I like a larger hook so I can put more bait on it. For line I’m using six-pound Stren Low Vis Green because the trout can’t see it. The line disappears when it hits the water.

Fire Bait Mixing 101


Step 1: Grab a Dab

Take your finger get a small dab of each color of Fire Bait. You can use any two colors. I prefer Garlic Salmon Egg and Peach Garlic. I grab about half of what I would normally use if I’m only going to use one color. Don’t mix them yet.

Step 2: The Rub

Take the Fire Bait on each finger and rub it together. In a few seconds it will mold into a ball.

Step 3: Teardrop it

Now molded into a ball, shape the Fire Bait into a teardrop so it looks like a raindrop. You’re ready to fish. I throw it out in the water and let the stream carry it. It needs to be right on the bottom. If it’s not sitting on the bottom through the hole it won’t work as well.

Maybe people don’t believe me, but those we see on the stream daily know it’s true. I use this Fire Bait on spinners. I cover up the treble hook like a teardrop with it. It gives the spinner a scent trail. If you have a Roostertail they’ll normally barely grab feathers, but when I do this they swallow it. I’m talking about in their stomach. They really want it.

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