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Terry Wiest

21 05, 2018

Catch More Trout With the Magic Marshmallow


By: Terry Wiest Fishing marshmallows for trout is nothing new. Forty some years ago they were the “in” thing. Back then many different manufacturers launched several flavors and colors. My favorites were always cheese or garlic. Meanwhile, since I like to experiment with different baits and techniques I found a different way to trout fish [...]

Catch More Trout With the Magic Marshmallow2018-05-21T20:54:05-07:00
24 04, 2018

Award Winning Author Shares Trout Tips for This Week’s Opener


By: Terry J. Wiest Who doesn’t remember growing up as a young kid getting all excited to go trout fishing? For those that missed this opportunity I feel bad. It should be the first experience most of us get at how wonderful fishing can be. Trout fishing created a tight bond between my dad and [...]

Award Winning Author Shares Trout Tips for This Week’s Opener2018-04-24T19:44:00-07:00
14 08, 2017

Learn to Catch More Halibut with Glitter Butt Juice


By: Terry Wiest Much of the West Coast offers quality halibut fishing. Halibut are most commonly targeted while anchored. Last year I blogged about my “Golf Ball Scent Bomb” that crushed halibut. This year on a recent trip to Alaska that same setup produced a 160lb fish and others. Click here if you’d like to [...]

Learn to Catch More Halibut with Glitter Butt Juice2018-04-18T18:57:46-07:00
5 04, 2017

Learn to Cure/Fish Coon Shrimp for PNW Springers


By: Terry Wiest The Springers are coming! Meanwhile, the Columbia River is high and dirty. Therefore, many anglers will be looking for smaller water alternatives. On the other hand, to approach smaller water alternative tactics need to be employed, which we’ll cover in this blog. In the Northwest we have several alternatives to the Columbia [...]

Learn to Cure/Fish Coon Shrimp for PNW Springers2018-04-18T18:58:48-07:00
15 11, 2016

Learn To Rig A Bobber & Eggs For Fall Salmon


By Terry J. Wiest Is there anything more effective than good cured roe for salmon? Not that I’m aware of. I love to twitch for coho, but if I could only use one technique for all salmon, float fishing with eggs knocks the socks off any other technique. Here’s what I do to rig up [...]

Learn To Rig A Bobber & Eggs For Fall Salmon2018-04-18T18:59:30-07:00
21 07, 2016

Learn To Make The Scent Bomb That Catches More Halibut


By: Terry Wiest Halibut, lingcod and rockfish rely on their sense of smell to find food. Bait usually provides enough scent to catch them. Meanwhile, adding scent to the bait boosts action. Bottom fishing in Alaska I combined these concepts to create a homemade scent bomb which attracted all these species while we were anchored. [...]

Learn To Make The Scent Bomb That Catches More Halibut2018-04-18T19:00:53-07:00
8 02, 2016

Tips to Float Fishing Bobber & Eggs


By: Terry Wiest When talking about bobber or float fishing most steelhead anglers assume we’re speaking about a jig under the float. In most cases this would probably be correct. The bobber and jig is extremely effective and popular. But, one method that often out produces a jig under a float is eggs under a [...]

Tips to Float Fishing Bobber & Eggs2018-04-18T19:02:47-07:00
14 10, 2015

Award Winning Author Details His Uses For Pautzke Nectar


By Terry J. Wiest When it comes to egg fishing in rivers for fall salmon is there anything better than good, milking eggs and a series of plump, juicy eggs sitting clustered together on your hook? Particularly speaking, I like to see a gentle stream of goo released from each egg not only giving off [...]

Award Winning Author Details His Uses For Pautzke Nectar2018-04-18T19:03:20-07:00

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