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16 09, 2018

Guide Talks Borax Egg Cures For Fall Salmon


By: Alan Borges On many of the big river systems along the West Coast the water tends to be warmer than salmon prefer in late summer and early fall. Many of these systems harbor water warmer than 65 degrees, which is warm for salmon. This warmer water also affects cured roe and forces me to [...]

Guide Talks Borax Egg Cures For Fall Salmon2018-09-17T18:11:43-07:00
6 06, 2018

Eklutna Tailrace Open to Salmon Fishing Now


By Andy Couch North of Anchorage, Alaska, in the Mat-Su Valley king salmon fishing regulations are the most restricted I’ve seen in 35 years of guiding. Fortunately, there is still one location where standard fishing king salmon fishing regulations remain in effect: the Eklutna Tailrace/Knik River fishery. If you want to use bait for kings [...]

Eklutna Tailrace Open to Salmon Fishing Now2018-06-06T10:45:58-07:00
6 02, 2018

7 Tips To Catch High Water Steelhead


By: Mike Ainsworth It’s steelhead season in the Pacific Northwest and that means rain, rain and more rain. This blog will detail tips to catch more steelhead in the PNW this winter. You’ll notice a theme. Whether using jigs, shrimp, yarn or eggs these tips revolve around scent. Soak Yarn/Rags Typical for this time year [...]

7 Tips To Catch High Water Steelhead2018-04-18T18:56:33-07:00
5 02, 2018

Learn How to Wrap Plugs For Steelhead Fishing


By: Jeff Goodwin For diehard steelhead anglers there’s nothing like the violent takedowns that occur when pulling plugs. It’s a peaceful technique that allows anglers to relax while anticipating that savage strike. It’s a technique many endure extreme conditions for just to experience the excitement and chaos that follows a rod tip surging towards the water [...]

Learn How to Wrap Plugs For Steelhead Fishing2018-04-18T18:56:34-07:00
24 01, 2018

Learn to Re-Charge Dried Out Roe/Eggs


By: Duane Inglin For a good reason we constantly field questions about curing eggs. Some popular and good frequently asked questions are, “How long will they last in the freezer?” or “How long will they last in the refrigerator?” and “Will they mold?” Specific answers to these questions are nearly impossible. Many variables contribute to [...]

Learn to Re-Charge Dried Out Roe/Eggs2018-04-18T18:56:37-07:00
15 10, 2017

Curing Epic Eggs For Sacramento River Salmon


By: Jeff Goodwin There are many techniques that are used to catch Sacramento River salmon, but dragging, hovering and back bouncing roe through holding water is at the top of the list, especially in the upper reaches of the Sacramento River where salmon season should be good through October. These egg fishing techniques have standout [...]

Curing Epic Eggs For Sacramento River Salmon2018-04-18T18:56:59-07:00
12 05, 2017

Mat-Su Valley Salmon Preview


By: Andy Couch Green leaves emerging in spring signals that Alaska’s state fish, the king (Chinook) salmon will soon be pushing into Mat-Su Valley rivers and streams. The first few king salmon will likely be taken from valley locations during the week of May 8-14. Kings are the largest and first salmon to show up [...]

Mat-Su Valley Salmon Preview2018-04-18T18:58:23-07:00
1 11, 2016

Downtown Sacramento Anglers Catching Salmon Now


By: Troy Barr With salmon now returning to the American River fishing from Downtown Sacramento to Clarksburg has been good for anglers trolling sardine wrapped plugs. This year’s fishery has been much better than last season. It’s not as good as it was in 2012 or ‘13, but it’s fishing good. I’m expecting November to [...]

Downtown Sacramento Anglers Catching Salmon Now2018-04-18T18:59:38-07:00
11 10, 2016

Anglers Finding Luck With North Oregon Coast Salmon


By: Dave Manners So far it’s been a decent year in Tillamook Bay and our tidewater. We’ve had highs and lows. There have been large waves of fish and there have been some days where they haven’t bit as good. With that said there’s still fresh fish on the way and we’ll be salmon fishing [...]

Anglers Finding Luck With North Oregon Coast Salmon2018-04-18T18:59:53-07:00
15 08, 2016

The Guide’s Secret Bait to Catch Big Halibut


By: Rye Phillips My job is to catch clients once in a lifetime halibut. During the summer I’m based in Southeast Alaska and people come from all over the world to experience world-class halibut fishing here in Icy Strait near Gustavus, which is the nearest commercial airport. Our fishery, like those in the Northwest, BC [...]

The Guide’s Secret Bait to Catch Big Halibut2018-04-18T19:00:37-07:00
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