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Gary Blasi

15 08, 2018

Salmon Bite Steady Out of Eureka


By: Gary Blasi It’s been a good year for salmon fishing on the Pacific Ocean in the KMZ (Klamath Management Zone). There haven’t been a lot of large, model salmon around, but we’ve caught large numbers of them. We’ve had constant action on undersize salmon, which means our future seasons should be excellent. This has [...]

Salmon Bite Steady Out of Eureka2018-08-15T20:16:33-07:00
27 07, 2018

Learn To Make The Perfect Bait For West Coast Salmon


By: Gary Blasi When targeting West Coast ocean, bay or estuary salmon brining them is mandatory. Without brining your bait it will fall apart. Brining is important because in order to properly troll the bait it must be kept firm. Bait in general is soft by nature. If you don’t firm the bait up (anchovies, [...]

Learn To Make The Perfect Bait For West Coast Salmon2018-07-27T08:47:20-07:00
20 07, 2016

Salmon Season Reopened: Eureka Salmon On the Chew


By: Gary Blasi This season has been whacky. We’ve never had a split season like this where we are allowed to catch salmon for two weeks and then it’s shut down for two weeks. And, we only have 61 days total to chase salmon. It’s been weird. While it doesn’t bother the salmon we can’t [...]

Salmon Season Reopened: Eureka Salmon On the Chew2018-04-18T19:00:54-07:00
5 07, 2016

California’s North Coast Halibut Open Now!


By: Gary Blasi Halibut fishing has been good and bad this year so far. When the weather cooperates fishing has been good. However, when it’s breezy like it’s been most of the spring and early summer bites have been tougher to come by. May was productive. On the other hand, June is generally a windy [...]

California’s North Coast Halibut Open Now!2018-04-18T19:01:14-07:00
15 06, 2016

Learn To Make Halibut Bait Like A Pro


By: Gary Blasi When halibut fishing anywhere on the West Coast there’s nothing more important than establishing a strong scent trail. Generally, down 300 feet where we fish it’s dark and the fish can’t see too well, so you want three things: sound, scent and a little bit of sight. For many anglers if you [...]

Learn To Make Halibut Bait Like A Pro2018-04-18T19:01:20-07:00
26 08, 2015

Eureka Salmon Around – If Headed to Cape Mendocino


By: Gary Blasi It’s been a very odd year on California’s North Coast. This El Nino has things weird. Conditions have been changing hourly, which has made the salmon go to the bottom, them go away and then come back. Everyday has been different. There hasn’t been a pattern we can follow. Basically, there’s a [...]

Eureka Salmon Around – If Headed to Cape Mendocino2018-04-18T19:03:54-07:00
23 07, 2015

The Hot New West Coast Bait Brine


By: Gary Blasi It’s no secret we’ve used the Chartreuse Fire Brine for the last three summers up on California’s North Coast. In fact, the entire fleet out of Eureka is using it. This summer has been no different for most. However, I’ve found a new twist for my brine that I’ve been using daily. [...]

The Hot New West Coast Bait Brine2018-04-18T19:04:27-07:00

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