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31 01, 2018

Learn How To Store Cured Eggs


By: John Albrich One of the most common questions steelhead anglers have is what is the best way to store cured eggs for a long period of time. And, there isn’t one answer. There’s lots of different ways to store eggs. Which you choose depends on how long you want to keep them. Many guys [...]

Learn How To Store Cured Eggs2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
6 11, 2016

Learn A Quick & Easy Way To Preserve Cured Eggs


By: Mike Ainsworth There’s nothing worse that pulling eggs out of the freezer and them having freezer burn on them. Freezer burn is common when anglers throw eggs directly into a plastic bag and freeze them for storage. Here's a quick and easy way to help preserve your precious eggs. I have been curing salmon [...]

Learn A Quick & Easy Way To Preserve Cured Eggs2018-04-18T18:59:35-07:00