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13 07, 2016

Learn The New No. 1 Coon Shrimp Recipe


By: Duane Inglin The Internet is littered with how to cure coon shrimp recipes. Some focus on recipes that are ready overnight, others take a few days, but the one I’ve been preaching for many years takes longer. I look for quality rather than a quick fix and something that will last for years when [...]

Learn The New No. 1 Coon Shrimp Recipe2018-04-18T19:01:05-07:00
10 08, 2015

Learn To Cure Shrimp Like A Pro


Salmon season has been gangbusters for us in the Pacific Northwest this year and while we’ve been using shrimp for as long as I can remember the brines we use are improving annually. I’ve tinkered with my formula again this summer and have come up with a recipe that saves me time, while also producing [...]

Learn To Cure Shrimp Like A Pro2018-04-18T19:04:15-07:00