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14 11, 2017

Vancouver and Fraser Valley Fall Salmon Update


By Rodney Hsu Due to the abundance of salmon returning to the Lower Fraser River fall is the most exciting season for Vancouver and Fraser Valley anglers. Not only are there different river systems to choose from within an hour drive from your residence the chance of catching fish is high. Several main systems in the [...]

Vancouver and Fraser Valley Fall Salmon Update2018-04-18T18:56:52-07:00
3 08, 2016

Learn To Enhance Your Bait To Catch More Shrimp


By: Tim Bouchard There’s great shrimping across Alaska and along the coast of British Columbia. And, it’s no secret the most important vehicle to success when shrimping is having good bait. Shrimp are scent feeders. They follow the scent trail of the bait. The more scent you put down deep the better chance you have [...]

Learn To Enhance Your Bait To Catch More Shrimp2018-04-18T19:00:46-07:00
31 03, 2016

Lower British Columbia Spring Trout Fishing Opportunities


By: Fishing with Rod Southwestern British Columbia is known to have the warmest winter in Canada, where daytime temperature stays above freezing most of the time between December and February. Although trout stockings do not resume until spring, lake fishing can in fact be productive throughout the year. If you don’t mind the cold and [...]

Lower British Columbia Spring Trout Fishing Opportunities2018-04-18T19:02:05-07:00
1 10, 2015

What You Need To Gear Up For BC Salmon


By: Fishing With Rod Fall is an interesting time for anglers in Southwestern British Columbia. For more two months salmon enthusiasts can enjoy catching a good abundance of Chinook, coho and chum salmon. All three species have their own appealing features. Chinook are robust and put up an enduring fight. Coho can be finicky and [...]

What You Need To Gear Up For BC Salmon2018-04-18T19:03:30-07:00
15 07, 2015

Time to Jig For BC Kokanee


By: Rodney Hsu Beside trout, kokanee is by far the most popular freshwater gamefish species in British Columbia. They can be targeted year round, under the ice in the winter and from a boat in summer and spring. During the soft water season, the most common way of catching them is by trolling an artificial [...]

Time to Jig For BC Kokanee2018-04-18T19:04:32-07:00

PAUTZKE: The World’s Bait Co.

We’ve been known as the Pioneers of Trout Fishing for over 75 years, and the world’s most trusted provider of high-quality salmon, trout and steelhead baits since our company was founded in 1934. For 2012-13, PAUTZKE BAIT CO. is proud to present a bold new line of products that combines seven decades of knowledge with revolutionary technologies that re-define trout, salmon, steelhead, More Info <<


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