By Josh Choronzey | 03/25/2014

Artic Vortex is a term Ontario steelheaders will be happy to forget now that winter is slowly loosening its grip on the Province. Late March has arrived and with it, the spring steelhead season is starting to kick in.   In terms of a harsh and late winter, Ontario has taken a beating. Snow pack is still deep along the shores of Lake Huron, and the Great Lake with accompanying Georgian Bay is still locked under huge amounts of ice. Yet spring is slowly peeking its beautiful head around the corner and a few warm and wet days of the past week have opened up sections of some Huron steelhead tributaries. Adding the fuel to the fire is our forecast, suggesting warm days and rain ahead. Ahhhhh yes, the spring madness begins.


Comparing our current weather in Huron steelhead country to seasons past is similar to apples and oranges. In 2014 we are roughly a month behind normal schedu