The National Pro Staff
In response to the recent consolidation and constantly changing dynamics in the fishing industry, Team Pautzke has tightened requirements to become part of its famed pro staff. Rest assured, Team Pautzke continues to scan North America for the best and most professional guides, but we admit it’s becoming more challenging to be a part of the team.

Team Pautzke’s goal in regards to our pro staff is to locate and bond with top guides and promoters in order to aid us in getting the word out about innovative products, techniques, hot fisheries and breaking news. Rather than signing simply the best fishing guide, tackle shop owner or radio host in each region, we’ve chosen to comb the continent for great speakers, promoters, those who send out weekly fish reports and anglers who are featured in newspapers, magazines, on TV and radio shows. These individuals are most attractive to us and will be our highest priority.

If you are eager to speak to anglers about how to use our products through media outlets, local retailers, seminars, power point presentations and via our internal means of promotion we’d like to hear from you. Team Pautzke pro staff members don’t pay for product, are provided with exclusive gear and help us develop and test new products prior to their release date. The perks can be fantastic, nonetheless, increased effort is necessary and required to remain or become a member of the team.

Requirements of a pro staffer: All pro staffers must display our Team Pautzke “P” logo on their boats, provide Pautzke with photos of themselves showcasing fish that will be used for our marketing purposes (and wearing Pautzke gear) and partake in a minimum of two of the below listed qualifications:

– Two Seminars Per Year (In your region and at your convenience)
– Be featured in a newspaper or magazine article, on a TV show or radio show in which Pautzke products are mentioned by you
– Send out weekly/monthly fish reports where Pautzke products are mentioned by you
– Represent Team Pautzke at a fishing show (Pro Staffers will be compensated)

For more information or to inquire in the United States or Canada, please email