Pautzke Halibut & Rockfish Nectar 8 oz


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124 in stock


Natural scents for anglers looking to increase their catch rates
Pautzke’s Nectar® scents are natural scents available for trout, salmon, steelhead, kokanee and catfish anglers looking to increase their catch rates. Our Nectar® scents are made from cooked salmon eggs. The scents are the natural juice that runs off the Pautzke secret recipe cooking process and is embraced by most species. They are a liquid formula that can be squirted straight onto bait and lures or soaked in baits. In areas where chumming is legal our Nectar® scents are often mixed in with sour milk, grains and bran.

Nectar® scents are extremely effective for kokanee
It’s popular to soak our Nectar® scents in corns that anglers tip their hooks with when kokanee fishing. Others chum with our Nectar® scents to draw kokanee into the area. If this isn’t legal, generously apply our Nectar® scents to kokanee lures and baits. For decades anglers have applied our Nectar® scents into their egg cures as well.

Nectar® scents are prime scents for catfish anglers
Keep in mind, that eggs are a natural occurrence in most waters. Catfish feed on eggs from most species and are drawn in to the scent eggs emit. With our Nectar® scents being the runoff from salmon eggs it’s a given that catfish love the smell of our Nectar® scents. Apply our Nectar® scents to all catfish baits for increased catch rates.


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