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Pautzke Catfish Nectar 8 oz


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The Best Scent For Catfish!

A must-have for all catfish anglers, Pautzke’s Catfish Nectar is stuffed with powerful scents and bite stimulants guaranteed to put catfish in feeding mode. Catfish Nectar is a compilation of Dad Pautzke’s legendary family secret ingredients and uses breakthrough scent characteristics to lure catfish in from great distances. Catfish Nectar is ideal for chumming and also effective when marinated, soaked or injected into shiners, shad, liver, anchovies, herring, cheese, mackerel, dough baits and just about any other bait soaked for catfish. Catfish Nectar generates more strikes from bigger fish and works on blue, channel, flathead and white catfish, as well as brown and yellow bullhead. It’s also great for crawfish!

Directions: Pour liberally on bait and allow to soak into baits for 12-24 hours. Catfish Nectar can be used on any bait and intensifies the scent trail catfish crave.

Not For Human Consumption

100 in stock


There’s no other species of fish in the world that’s as receptive to scent as catfish. And after extensive testing and tweaking of some of Dad Pautzke’s most tried-and-true scent components, Pautzke Bait released Catfish Nectar, a one-of-a-kind marinade and additive for catfish baits. Simply put, it’ll change the way you fish for catfish!

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