Andy Couch
Andy CouchPro Fisherman
Andy Couch guides Alaska salmon fishing charters on the Little Susitna River, a small extremely productive river, located a mere 90-minute drive northwest of Anchorage. According to the Alaska Department [ More Info…]


Troy Barr
Troy BarrPro Fisherman
Based in Northern California, Troy Barr operates T-Roy’s Guide Service and is the guru of Lake Berryessa kokanee fishing. [ More Info…]
Gary Blasi
Gary BlasiPro Fisherman
Captain Gary Blasi has been the owner/operator of Full Throttle Sportfishing in Eureka, Ca., since 2004 and an avid fisherman since he could remember. [ More Info…]
Mike Bogue
Mike BoguePro Fisherman
A full-time professional fishing guide since 1991 owner Mike Bogue has made a career running Mike Bogue’s Guide Service in Northern California. [ More Info…]
Alan Borges
Alan BorgesPro Fisherman
Based in Northern California, Alan Borges runs Alan’s Guide Service and has been guiding on the California Coast, in the Upper Sacramento River Valley [ More Info…]
Scott Feist
Scott FeistPro Fisherman
Owner/operator of Feisty Fish Guide Service in Northern California, Scott Feist is one of the youngest and most aggressive fishing guides in The West. [ More Info…]
Mick Thomas
Mick ThomasPro Fisherman
Owner of Lunker Fish Trips and Lunker Fish Trips Bait and Tackle on the Smith River, Mick Thomas is one of California’s most [ More Info…]


Tom Armstrong
Tom ArmstrongPro Fisherman
Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Tom Armstrong is an angler and outdoors writer living in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Situated on the north shore of Lake Superior, he’s grown up hunting and fishing the region. [ More Info…]
Josh Choronzey
Josh ChoronzeyPro Fisherman
Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Josh Choronzey has been a steelhead fisherman since the age of 10. Son of well-known Canadian TV personality and Outdoor Writer Darryl Choronzey, [ More Info…]
Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic
Bojan (Bojangles) ZivkovicPro Fisherman
Born in former Yugoslavia, Bojan Zivkovic moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1993 at age three. He has Trout and salmon fishermen in his family, so there was no doubt that he would grow up spending his [ More Info…]


John Albrich
John AlbrichPro Fisherman
A fresh star on the horizon, guide John Albrich has paired up with fellow Pautzke pro staffer Toby Wyatt to form Reel Time Fishing. A diverse angler who has guided from Idaho to Washington and north [ More Info…]
Homer Brown
Homer BrownPro Fisherman
Homer Brown grew up in Whitebird Idaho, on the Salmon River,fishing for trout in small streams and high mountain lakes, but found his calling when he started drift fishing for steelhead. [ More Info…]