By: Scott Feist

As everybody knows I’ve been a true Pautzke fan for many years, even before I was on the pro staff. Fire Cure has never let me down. In hard times it always catches fish. When curing eggs I always use Fire Cure as my base, but I do multiple things to enhance the cure. To me, a good egg has great scent and bright colors that last and do not wash out. In this blog I’m going to show you exactly how to achieve that every time you cure eggs.

As repetitive as it sounds you always want to start with good eggs. Good eggs meaning you are curing them ideally the day you caught them, or the day after if you must. Most important, it’s imperative that you remove the blood and the slime off the eggs. To end up with a good end you have to start with a good egg.

I start with butterflying my eggs open. This isn’t’ rocket science. I use a knife or a pair of scissors and split the eggs open so the cure can penetrate better. Once I have my eggs butterflied the first step of my curing process is to apply Red Fire Cure to the eggs. I get asked often how much cure to use. There really isn’t a correct answer. I like to coat the eggs thoroughly, especially in between each flap of the skein.

I apply Fire Cure on both sides of the skein. After I have my eggs covered in Fire Cure I use a liberal amount of Fire Power (krill powder for those who haven’t used it) on top of the cure itself. I shake it all over the eggs.

My next step is to add Red Fire Dye. What I do is I grab the bottle of dye and squirt a line down each skein of eggs. You can’t use too much of this dye. As a matter of fact I’ll squirt some in the jar I’m going to put the eggs in as well.

What I’ve found through years playing with different formulas of Pautzke product is the most important thing to have eggs that fish consistently is having eggs that hold a bright color. Fire Cure by itself will hold a nice red egg color, but for more longevity adding the Red Fire Dye only enhances the roe, therefore paving the way for more opportunity to catch fish.

This is where the fun part has been in the last year. Pautzke’s new partnership with Atlas Mike’s has enabled me to play with the best scents in the world. As we all know salmon are a finicky fish at certain times. Having different scents helps me daily catching salmon for my clients. I use an array of the Atlas Mike’s Glo Oils on my eggs, but my number one is the Krill Glo Oil. I know I’m putting Fire Power (which is krill powder) on top, but the Krill Glo Oil also penetrates into the eggs as they are curing. It’s kind of a double whammy – and it works every day so I keep doing it.

Krill seems to be my favorite, but I do use other Atlas Mike’s scents including Crawfish, Sand Shrimp, Sardine and others from the Glo Oil series. You can experiment with this on your own.


From here I put my eggs into jars. I pr