By Josh Choronzey | 09/05/2012

It was 8 pm and another king was lying on the floor of my buddy’s 16-foot aluminum tiller rig. This was the third Chinook larger than 14 pounds to hit the deck within an hour and a half.  The bronze bomber inhaled a red label herring, which was soaking in a mason jar of chartreuse Pautzke Fire Brine ten minutes earlier. My angling partner in crime Jeremiah quickly loaded another dyed herring into his Rhys Davis trolling head and sent the flasher and meat rig back down to 90 feet in the clear waters of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay.

I had just loaded up the rod on the port downrigger set at 70 feet when it began to bounce in the holder. Another Huron Chinook was engulfing the herring. We were about to add a 4th salmon to the meat locker.  By the time the sun set at 9:15 we were on route to the cleaning station with a single limit of five Huron Kings and estatic.