By Duane Inglin | 01/01/2012

Pautzke Director of Operations Chris Shaffer and I talk often. He knows how much I enjoy playing with bait and frequently picks my brain, so when called to ask if Fire Brine would work on single eggs my immediate response was “why?”

Shaffer called because he knew over the summer; fellow pro Nick Petosa and I headed over Snoqualmie Pass to the Pautzke factory to help “tweak” an old family recipe and create Fire Brine. Another words, he knows I know what’s in Fire Brine and why it works so well. Shaffer called to ask and tell. Ask, “Didn’t you guys design this for herring, alewives, anchovies, sardines, squid and shrimp only?” My reply, “Yes, absolutely.” Tell, “Well then you better call the guys in the Great Lakes, because they are using it to cure single eggs.”

I told Shaffer I’m sure it’d w