By Ted Kessler | 03/22/2015

While the cold has brought a lot of ice to Lake Erie this year its spelled great things for the Lower Niagara River here in Western NY and for the guys fishing it on the Ontario, Canada side. That ice has kept our water from getting muddy and sets us up so we don’t have to worry about muddy water through May. It’s a guarantee that we’re going to be able to fish daily now. If there was no ice on Lake Erie, we got a hard west wind and it got rough within two days we’d be surrounded by mud. That ice protects us.

Lake Erie froze completely this winter, which creates a barrier protecting the river from mud flows, but also brings challenges, namely extremely clear water. Anglers not adjusting to the clarity find tough outings whether on shore or in a boat. Right now most of the river is yielding 18 feet of visibility. Just before we had a little runoff a few days ago I was