By Todd Daniels | 05/14/2014

It’s chopping up to be an average year for springers on the Cowlitz River, but anglers are having to work harder than normal to catch fish, at least right now and for the next few weeks. We have a smolt release going on and because of it we have super high water. The high water makes it more challenging to fish, but anglers who are positioning themselves in the right areas are still doing well.

Here on the Cowlitz when you are fishing springers you are fishing holes. It’s not like steelhead fishing where they are spread out in many places. Normally, we have 10-12 holes good holes to fish, but with the high water we only have four or five, which is pushing all the salmon in one area. It’s confining them. And, unfortunately, it’s anybody’s guess when conditions will change, but it’s going to be a few more weeks before the water goes down at all.