By: Bob Kratzer

Steelhead season is upon us. For many anglers that means curing and fishing eggs. As a guide I’m always looking for an effective, yet quick way to cure eggs that my customers and I have confidence in. I need these eggs to have good color, durability and flavor that steelhead can’t resist. While I use many recipes throughout the season this one tends to suit my winter needs. I call it the Tutti Frutti Cure.

The Tutti Frutti cure combines the drying agents in BorX O Fire with the sweetness in Jello – and the steelhead love it. While simple, this cure achieves the desired color and consistency that steelhead anglers thrive for. It’s suited for beginner and veteran steelhead anglers.

The Tutti Frutti Cure

Step 1:

This process is easy, but try not to let that fool you. It’s still effective. Start by butterflying your skeins. Make a cut down the middle creating two longer pieces. Then cut those pieces in half. You’ll now have four pieces of skein.

Step 2:

Pour one cup of Natural BorX O Fire, half a cup of Pink BorX O Fire and a half package of Raspberry Jello into a gallon Ziploc. Seal the Ziploc and mix well. Once mixed thoroughly place the skein into the bag (this should be eight pieces of skein, which equals one fish worth). Shake the bag well to make sure all eggs are coated with the mixed ingredients.

Step 3:

Relax and let the cure work. You can leave the Ziploc on the counter in a cool environment if you plan on fishing in the next couple of days. If not, squeeze the air out of the bag and place in the freezer. If on the counter, make sure to roll them around a couple times a day. If they are on the counter they should be fishable in two days. If you put them in the freezer make sure to allow them to thaw overnight prior to using them. Then cut them into desired bait sizes the next day.

Special Notes:

*For more color in your eggs add more Pink BorX O Fire or use Red BorX O Fire.

*You can use whatever flavor of Jello you would like (raspberry, cherry or strawberry).

*For a drier egg add a little more Natural BorX O Fire and let the eggs air dry to your desired texture.

*You can add scent to this cure. I do. I use Atlas Mike’s UV Shrimp Super Scent, and others.

For many years this has been one of my favorite easy, yet effective egg cures, especially for coastal steelhead. Give it a try.

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