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Monthly Archives: April 2018

30 04, 2018

Colorado’s Elevenmile Canyon Sporting Good Trout Bite


By: Chris Shaffer It didn’t matter who we asked, every one told us fishing the all-tackle section of Elevenmile Canyon wasn’t good this time of year. That included the attendant at the gas station where tackle was sold, the general store with a large tackle section, the fly shop, the local marina, the ranger station [...]

Colorado’s Elevenmile Canyon Sporting Good Trout Bite2018-04-30T21:27:36-07:00
29 04, 2018

Drano Lake Springers Starting to Show


By: Toby Wyatt Following a slow March and early April many anglers were worried that this was going to be another disappointing springer run. However, we’re realizing that the fish are likely just a few weeks behind schedule. After a slow start to the run in the Lower Columbia River springers have finally started their [...]

Drano Lake Springers Starting to Show2018-04-29T20:15:32-07:00
29 04, 2018

PA’s Standing Stone Creek: Loaded with Trout


By: James Swearingen Central PA’s Standing Stone Creek was packed on opening day. There was a ton of trout caught. However, crowds have thinned and there’s a decent number of trout still available. Fortunately, those numbers will skyrocket this Tuesday as the last in season stocking of the year takes places. The PA Fish & [...]

PA’s Standing Stone Creek: Loaded with Trout2018-04-29T15:24:17-07:00
28 04, 2018

Trout Fishing Update: Virginia’s Cripple Creek


By: Chris Shaffer Traveling to film fishing videos can be risky. Weather can cripple water conditions instantly. This was the case Tuesday when we arrived on the banks of Southwest Virginia’s Cripple Creek. Following several weeks of on and off heavy rain the creek wasn’t in good shape. It was high and almost muddy. Visibility [...]

Trout Fishing Update: Virginia’s Cripple Creek2018-04-28T15:23:12-07:00
27 04, 2018

Virginia’s Big Tumbling Running High But Fishable


By: Chris Shaffer Rain fell everyday this week in Southwest Virginia. All the creeks we fished were running high and off-colored. Some were unfishable. Fortunately, while much higher than normal Big Tumbling Creek is still fishable and loaded with trout as plants continue to arrive four days a week. We filmed two episodes of Pautzke [...]

Virginia’s Big Tumbling Running High But Fishable2018-04-27T11:16:55-07:00
24 04, 2018

Award Winning Author Shares Trout Tips for This Week’s Opener


By: Terry J. Wiest Who doesn’t remember growing up as a young kid getting all excited to go trout fishing? For those that missed this opportunity I feel bad. It should be the first experience most of us get at how wonderful fishing can be. Trout fishing created a tight bond between my dad and [...]

Award Winning Author Shares Trout Tips for This Week’s Opener2018-04-24T19:44:00-07:00
23 04, 2018

Durham’s Falls Lake Producing Lots of Catfish


By: Chris Shaffer Not too long ago we headed to Kerr Lake to film Pautzke Outdoors with Wes Jordan of Redbeard Cats. The forecast was for no chance of rain. Naturally we left the raingear at the hotel. Sure enough, an hour into fishing it started pouring. The radar showed a heavy band of rain [...]

Durham’s Falls Lake Producing Lots of Catfish2018-04-23T21:10:29-07:00
21 04, 2018

South Platte River: Bait Section Update


By: Chris Shaffer The weatherman isn’t normally correct. That’s why we opted to ignore reports of 60mph gusts and drove from Colorado Springs to the South Platte River upriver of Deckers to trout fish. Unfortunately, this time the forecast was correct. The weather was hideous when we stepped out of the car and attempted to [...]

South Platte River: Bait Section Update2018-04-21T17:50:15-07:00
19 04, 2018

Last Chance for Wisconsin Steelhead


By: Kyle Deavers In March and April we’ve been plagued by low water along the Southeast Wisconsin shoreline. These conditions have made steelhead fishing tough. With gin clear, slow and low water the steelhead were weary through much of our spring. In fact, in March many steelhead were already on their spawning beds, which is [...]

Last Chance for Wisconsin Steelhead2018-04-19T17:49:16-07:00
19 04, 2018

PA’s Canoe Creek Loaded with Trout


By: Jon Montresor Following opening weekend at Canoe Creek the PA Fish & Boat Commission did an in-season stocking of the Upper and Lower Sections of the Canoe Creek on Tuesday and fishing has been very good. Right now there’s mostly rainbows and browns in the creek and lots of them. Even after heavy pressure [...]

PA’s Canoe Creek Loaded with Trout2018-04-19T15:02:07-07:00
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