19 11, 2015

Learn To To Throw The Kitchen Sink At Salmon


By: Big Dave Manners It’s salmon season and while most guys are using just eggs or just a plug, I’m throwing the kitchen sink at them. I’m strong believer that fall salmon are big on big baits and I want to give them something that’s packed with their favorite things. Every salmon angler knows tuna [...]

Learn To To Throw The Kitchen Sink At Salmon2019-10-31T08:52:27-07:00
16 11, 2015

Southern Ontario Steelhead Preview


By: Bojangles A lack of precipitation in Ontario the past two months has made for an interesting start to steelhead season. Periods of stellar fishing have welcomed us between windows of good water conditions following sporadic rain. However, low water has action slower than last fall. Mild daytime highs have also kept the rivers warm [...]

Southern Ontario Steelhead Preview2019-10-31T08:52:26-07:00
13 11, 2015

Tillamook Tidewater Still Boasting Salmon Action


By: Big Dave Manners The entire month of October tidewater salmon fishing in the Tillamook area was awesome because we didn’t have early rain this year. Therefore, the salmon stayed in the bay and tidewater rather than heading upriver to spawn. Had it rained, an increase in river levels would have drawn the salmon out [...]

Tillamook Tidewater Still Boasting Salmon Action2019-10-31T08:52:26-07:00
11 11, 2015

Learn To Cure Extra Sweet Salmon Eggs For Bobber & Back Bouncing


By: Andy Martin Floating a gob of roe below a bobber, or back-bouncing a tiny cluster of salmon eggs into a deep pool, are two of the most effective techniques for catching fall king salmon on the coastal rivers of Oregon, Washington and California. The key to successful bait fishing for kings is having good [...]

Learn To Cure Extra Sweet Salmon Eggs For Bobber & Back Bouncing2019-10-31T08:52:26-07:00
2 11, 2015

Oregon’s Upper Rogue Summer Steelhead Bait Opener


By: Steven Theel For most Southern Oregon anglers November is a favorite time to chase fall kings on the Oregon Coast. However, I like to stay close to home in the Rogue Valley and target steelhead. For the last two months summer steelhead have seen nothing but flies on the Upper Rogue River near the [...]

Oregon’s Upper Rogue Summer Steelhead Bait Opener2019-10-31T08:52:26-07:00