28 01, 2015

Northern Michigan Steelhead Action Slow, But Improving


By Kyle McClelland | 01/28/2015 If I had to choose one word to summarize the beginning of our winter steelhead season in Northern Michigan it would be "struggle." So far, this has been one of the worst winters for chasing chrome I've experienced. Nevertheless, there remains enough steelhead in our streams to keep me pursuing [...]

Northern Michigan Steelhead Action Slow, But Improving2019-10-31T08:52:05-07:00
22 01, 2015

Central Tennessee Rainbows Taking Center Stage


By Chris Shaffer | 01/22/2015 A decade ago winter trout fishing in the greater Nashville area was unheard of. Cold river, creek and lake temperatures kept the bass bite in check and many anglers at home. Fortunately, a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency sponsored program to stock droves of trout mainly in the Nashville and Memphis [...]

Central Tennessee Rainbows Taking Center Stage2019-10-31T08:52:05-07:00
20 01, 2015

California North Coast Steelhead Roundup


By Alan Borges | 01/20/2015 This year from the Eureka area on California’s North Coast to Brookings, Oregon, we’ve had two really good storms. These storms keep our rivers from being too low and clear to fish, while also bringing in fresh steelhead. This winter our rivers have had decent numbers of fish in them. [...]

California North Coast Steelhead Roundup2019-10-31T08:52:05-07:00
18 01, 2015

Making Steelhead Candy


By Andy Martin | 01/18/2015 When it comes to winter steelhead fishing on the West Coast, few things are as effective as naturally cured salmon or steelhead eggs. Presented properly, steelhead often can't resist a natural-colored cluster of roe as it drifts down the river. In 10 years of guiding, and many years fishing on [...]

Making Steelhead Candy2019-10-31T09:22:34-07:00
15 01, 2015

Nashville Area Rainbow Bite Hot


By Chris Shaffer | 01/15/2015 East Tennessee offers exceptional trout fishing year-round. Ironically, most folks don’t believe Central Tennessee harbors any trout. Meanwhile, during the winter months the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency gives anglers 90,000 reasons to believe that statement isn’t true. While most stocking in Tennessee takes place from March through early summer, the [...]

Nashville Area Rainbow Bite Hot2019-10-31T08:52:01-07:00
14 01, 2015

Tipping Jigs With Salmon Eggs


By TJ Hester | 01/14/2015 Many use jigs to target steelhead. In fact, it’s something that I do often. However, a plain jig limits the bites you’ll get. Tipping a jig will add a lot of different aspects to your presentation. It’ll add scent, color, flavor and visual presentation on top of what you already [...]

Tipping Jigs With Salmon Eggs2019-10-31T08:52:01-07:00
14 01, 2015

Northwestern Ontario Lake Trout on Dead Baits


By Tom Armstrong | 01/14/2015 While it’s sadly not all that atypical for life in Northwestern Ontario in January, our trip started off to a frosty start with temperatures below -30 C. We were heading a couple hours west, towards Atikokan, ON, where the winter lake trout season opens a month earlier than where I [...]

Northwestern Ontario Lake Trout on Dead Baits2019-10-31T09:22:29-07:00
12 01, 2015

Texas Hill Country Trout Showing Strong


By Chris Shaffer | 01/12/2015 In the average angler’s mind cactus and trout don’t mix. Meanwhile, in Texas Hill Country, Texas Parks & Wildlife is giving anglers more than 17,750 reasons to not believe it. Contrary to popular belief, there’s plenty of spectacular seasonal trout fishing available to Lone Star State anglers. Dozens of small [...]

Texas Hill Country Trout Showing Strong2019-10-31T08:52:01-07:00
7 01, 2015

When To Treat Steelhead Eggs With Brine or Powder Cure?


By Bruce Hewitt | 01/07/2015 It’s a common question I get asked a lot. People are curious how I’m able to get achieve bright, vibrant colors in my eggs, while also getting them to stay together when casted. Honestly, it’s simple. I choose the correct cure for the type of eggs I’m curing and their [...]

When To Treat Steelhead Eggs With Brine or Powder Cure?2019-10-31T08:52:01-07:00
4 01, 2015

Nearly 20,000 Steelhead Around the Upper Columbia


Now that the holidays are over I look forward to some of the best steelhead fishing of the year on the Upper Columbia River in North Central Washington. With nearly 20,000 adult steelhead above Priest Rapids Dam there’s plenty of fish to catch around here and I’m expecting a great season. Traditionally, the season should [...]

Nearly 20,000 Steelhead Around the Upper Columbia2018-04-18T19:05:36-07:00
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