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Monthly Archives: September 2014

30 09, 2014

Opening Day On The Chetco: Ground Zero For Trophy Kings


By Andy Martin | 09/30/2014 The bite was like that of any other fall king salmon hitting a trolled baitfish in one of Oregon's coastal bays. At first the rod tip slightly twitched. Tap, tap. Then it dipped down a couple times, followed by a single, long downward motion, almost to the water. The rod [...]

Opening Day On The Chetco: Ground Zero For Trophy Kings2018-04-18T19:05:50-07:00
30 09, 2014

Hanford Reach Seeing Epic Salmon Action


By Bruce Hewitt | 09/30/2014 While its only going to last a few more weeks we have a huge number of salmon up here on the Columbia right now. There’s a quarter million fish on the Hanford Reach and I think we will end up with somewhere between 350,000 and 360,000 fish. Last year we [...]

Hanford Reach Seeing Epic Salmon Action2018-04-18T19:05:50-07:00
29 09, 2014

Atlanta Trout Bite On Fire!


By Chris Shaffer | 09/29/2014 After exiting I-285 in North Atlanta we’d driven past a Zaxby’s, Waffle House, Hardees, Dunkin Donuts and a slough of other fast food restaurants, all well known in the Deep South. People sported Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Bulldog stickers on their cars. Downtown Atlanta, Turner Field, The Georgia Dome and [...]

Atlanta Trout Bite On Fire!2018-04-18T19:05:52-07:00
26 09, 2014

Niagara Salmon Have Arrived


By Ted Kessler | 09/26/2014 I’m excited about salmon season. I’m expecting a good one for one main reason: guys didn’t do that well trolling the lake this summer. They didn’t catch a lot of salmon in Lake Ontario this summer, which is going to help us on the Lower Niagara River. There’s going to [...]

Niagara Salmon Have Arrived2018-04-18T19:05:52-07:00
24 09, 2014

Tough Year For Thunder Bay Chinooks


By Tom Armstrong | 09/24/2014 The salmon season this year along the north shore of Lake Superior was one for the books, and not in a good way. Anglers in the Thunder Bay area had one of the poorest seasons in recent memory. Numbers and size of our Chinook was disappointing. Our local salmon association [...]

Tough Year For Thunder Bay Chinooks2018-04-18T19:05:54-07:00
23 09, 2014

Colorado High Country Trout in Feed Mode


By Chris Shaffer | 09/23/2014 It was almost 10am when the four wheels of our truck rolled into the dirt parking lot at Deep Lake, nearly 10,500 feet high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. We’d missed the 8 a.m. morning bite two hunters that had put down their bows for a few hours in search of [...]

Colorado High Country Trout in Feed Mode2018-04-18T19:05:56-07:00
22 09, 2014

Salmon Anglers: Get Your Wobble On


By Bob Kratzer | 09/22/2014 It’s September and to Pacific Northwest anglers that means big, bright, upriver Columbia River king salmon. At this time more than 712,015 kings have passed over Bonneville Dam and are showing in strong numbers. Fortunately, it’s going to get even better. While salmon are plentiful this fall, it’s important to [...]

Salmon Anglers: Get Your Wobble On2018-04-18T19:05:57-07:00
19 09, 2014

Salmon Season Underway in Coos Bay


By Andy Martin | 09/19/2014 Our timing was perfect. High tide was just before 6 a.m. and after a 15-minute jet boat ride from downtown Coos Bay to the confluence of the Coos and Millicoma rivers, we were lowering our herring into the water at first light. The tide had just turned, and the big [...]

Salmon Season Underway in Coos Bay2018-04-18T19:05:57-07:00
18 09, 2014

Sacramento Salmon Still Coming in Low Water


By Mike Bogue | 09/18/2014 There was a lot of negative media coverage a few months ago prior to our Sacramento River salmon opener. We all heard that the terrible drought we are in was going to cripple our salmon run. I knew that wasn’t going to be the case and the last few weeks [...]

Sacramento Salmon Still Coming in Low Water2018-04-18T19:05:58-07:00
15 09, 2014

Guarantee Northwest Egg Cure


By Duane Inglin | 09/15/2014 Fishing eggs under a float for fall Chinook is a staple in the Northwest. Fishing eggs under a float with a sand-shrimp (the cocktail) may be a better option. On some of our rivers, if you are not fishing sand-shrimp with your eggs under a float for fall Chinook then [...]

Guarantee Northwest Egg Cure2018-04-18T19:05:58-07:00
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