29 08, 2014

Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley Coho Coming In Strong


By Andy Couch | 08/29/2014 The first summer after the Alaska Board of Fisheries reconfigured Upper Cook Inlet commercial drift fishing regulations to ensure more adequate spawning escapements of salmon to Northern Cook Inlet streams, and to provide a more reasonable opportunity for Northern User groups to harvest some of the Inlet’s salmon bounty, Knik [...]

Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley Coho Coming In Strong2019-10-31T08:51:58-07:00
28 08, 2014

Alaska Yellow Eye & Lingcod on the Chew


By Chris Shaffer | 08/28/2014 Last Tuesday we endured a 110-mile run from Seward, Alaska, down the rugged coast to a set of remote islands in search of lingcod, yellow eye and rockfish. The boat ride took roughly five hours in open ocean. Fortunately, the swells weren’t bad. From the moment we left the dock [...]

Alaska Yellow Eye & Lingcod on the Chew2019-10-31T08:51:58-07:00
26 08, 2014

Alaska Pipeline Trout Biting Now


By John Albrich | 08/26/2014 Normally this time of year I spend Sunday on the couch watching preseason NFL games or catch and release steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River. However, Sunday I found myself trout fishing along the Richardson Highway, feet from the Great Alaskan Pipeline. We’d driven two hours east of Fairbanks and [...]

Alaska Pipeline Trout Biting Now2019-10-31T08:51:58-07:00
25 08, 2014

Coho Flooding Kenai River


By Luke Haman | 08/25/2014 Last year was one of our best silver runs in the last decade. This run started out slow, but it’s been very good the past week and should continue. It’s hard to say what’s going to transpire, but there’s no reason why the run shouldn’t be a good one. I’ve [...]

Coho Flooding Kenai River2019-10-31T08:51:58-07:00
25 08, 2014

Learn To Fish Washington’s Nisqually River


By Duane Inglin | 08/25/2014 The Nisqually River is a Puget Sound river where the native Chinook are listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. Therefore, there’s not been any retention of native Chinook on the Nisqually for a number of years. That’s ok, though. Fortunately, there is also successful Chinook hatchery program on [...]

Learn To Fish Washington’s Nisqually River2019-10-31T08:51:57-07:00
23 08, 2014

Learn To Fish Bobber & Eggs


By Andy Couch | 08/23/2014 Even after 30 plus years of salmon guiding and another 10 years of personal salmon fishing, “Bobber Down!” remains one of my most exciting moments of salmon fishing. Of course, the moment after the hook is set with a chrome coho salmon skyrocketing from the water ranks high on my list as [...]

Learn To Fish Bobber & Eggs2019-10-31T08:51:57-07:00
18 08, 2014

Klamath River Salmon Coming Despite Warm Water


By Alan Borges | 08/18/2014 If what we’ve seen these past few weeks on the Lower Klamath is an indicator of what’s to come I think we are going to see lots of three-and-four-year-old salmon this summer. We haven’t seen this many large salmon in at least five years. I’m holding out hope we have [...]

Klamath River Salmon Coming Despite Warm Water2019-10-31T08:51:57-07:00
17 08, 2014

Mixed Bag Starting to Show on Huron


By Josh Choronzey | 08/17/2014 Calling it “a grind” would be an understatement. Lake Huron Chinook fishing has been a tough this summer, plain and simple. Early May provided some steady action for kings in the three-year-old age class, both on the main basin of Huron and Georgian Bay, but summer brought about a drought [...]

Mixed Bag Starting to Show on Huron2019-10-31T08:51:57-07:00
14 08, 2014

What Color Brine Will Be the Ticket For Salmon?


By Toby Wyatt | 08/14/2014 Fishing has been good down here at Buoy 10 for a few weeks now and it’s about to way better. For those of us who’ve ventured out into the ocean to fish it’s more than obvious there are big wads of fish there. I’m talking huge schools. If you go [...]

What Color Brine Will Be the Ticket For Salmon?2019-10-31T08:51:57-07:00
12 08, 2014

Banner Salmon Season Expected on Oregon’s Upper Rogue


By Steven Theel | 08/12/2014 The West Coast has seen banner salmon runs this summer. Fortunately, the Rogue River is no exception. I’m happy to report we’ve been seeing salmon for three weeks already and there’s plenty of salmon staging in Rogue Bay that will be headed here shortly. It’s important to remember the salmon [...]

Banner Salmon Season Expected on Oregon’s Upper Rogue2019-10-31T08:51:57-07:00
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