31 07, 2014

Lower Klamath Plugged With Steelhead


By Chris Shaffer | 07/31/2014 After catching and releasing nearly 30 summer steelhead on Northern California’s Lower Klamath River, fishing guide Mick Thomas of Lunker Fish Trips turned to me, opened his palm and smirked. “I told you,” he said, unclenching his fist and revealing a nickel size piece of Natural BorX O Fire cured [...]

Lower Klamath Plugged With Steelhead2019-10-31T08:51:54-07:00
30 07, 2014

Chartreuse Baits Top For Ocean Salmon


By Gary Blasi | 07/30/2014 I’m a bait guy. A few guys around here use spoons, but I’m trolling bait everyday and have for many years now. Keep in mind, I charter for a living. I wouldn’t use bait if it didn’t work consistently. Bait put limits of salmon in the boat. And, we’ve done [...]

Chartreuse Baits Top For Ocean Salmon2019-10-31T08:51:54-07:00