24 04, 2014

Virginia’s Cripple Creek Trout Eating FireBait


By Chris Shaffer | 04/24/2014 Southwest Virginia is littered with private trout streams. Being from California, I’ve always associated these pay-to-fish waters with high end fly anglers. Let’s face it, out West that’s who rents them, and that clientele is one of the few that can afford it. In addition, normally these types of opportunity [...]

Virginia’s Cripple Creek Trout Eating FireBait2019-10-31T09:19:26-07:00
23 04, 2014

Learn How To Brine & Rig Herring For Springers


By Bill Swann | 04/23/2014 When springer fishing there’s nothing that reflects more on success than having good herring. Before diving into how we fish herring let’s touch on why they are so effective. The importance of herring in our springer fishery revolves around herring’s oils. Spring Chinook (and other salmon) feed on herring in [...]

Learn How To Brine & Rig Herring For Springers2019-10-31T09:19:18-07:00
22 04, 2014

Willamette Springers Here Now


By Bill Swann | 04/22/2014 With the Columbia springer season behind us, anglers here in the Pacific Northwest are now focused on the Willamette River. Unfortunately, our season has started a little slow, but given the massive weather fluctuation we’ve seen the past few days this is no surprise. I’m still expecting a great season [...]

Willamette Springers Here Now2018-04-18T19:06:45-07:00
21 04, 2014

Chelan Kokanee Turning Heads This Year


By Brad Wagner | 04/21/2014 As I back my Wooldridge sled off the trailer at the launch and look into the crystal clear water of Lake Chelan my heart starts to race. I know what's in store. Fresh chrome bright kokanee as large as 20 inches are already here this year! And, there's nothing las [...]

Chelan Kokanee Turning Heads This Year2019-10-31T09:19:13-07:00
16 04, 2014

Virginia’s Big Tumbling Creek Stuffed With Trout


By Chris Shaffer | 04/16/2014 Cruising at 70mph on Interstate 81 driving west towards Bristol in Marion, Virginia, we noticed a Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries trout stocking truck in the right lane. Following the truck were a few pickup trucks with anglers tailgating to see where the trout were headed. We passed [...]

Virginia’s Big Tumbling Creek Stuffed With Trout2018-04-18T19:06:48-07:00
10 04, 2014

Columbia Springers Here Now!


By Bill Swann | 04/10/2014 Many are wondering what’s going on with our springer season. The projection this year was for 265,000 Upper Columbia spring Chinook to return. Usually, we see the majority of those fish in the end of March through the first of April. However, as of today only 1,374 have swam through [...]

Columbia Springers Here Now!2015-11-22T14:17:31-08:00
6 04, 2014

Central Washington’s Quincy Lakes Trout Biting


By Sam Baird | 04/06/2014 Each spring families, friends and anglers embark on an annual pilgrimage to the lowland lake trout opener at Central Washington’s Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area. Campers, trailers, tents, boats and bank anglers line these lakes in anticipation of catching trout. I myself have not missed an opening day since I was [...]

Central Washington’s Quincy Lakes Trout Biting2018-04-18T19:06:48-07:00