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For Reveals Easy Cure For Fall King Eggs

By Brad Wagner | 10/23/2013 I’ve been working on egg cures my entire life. However, the new method I’ve been using may be my effective ever for fall run Chinook. It has been out fishing my other egg cures 5-1 and is simple and quick. Rather than waiting on powder cures that can take longer [...]

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Huron Steelhead On Fire Early In The Season

By Josh Choronzey | 10/18/2013 I love October. Not for the same reasons as many of my West Coast American friends, however. For me, as a Great Lakes steelhead junkie, October brings about the beginning of my steelhead season. While the Pautzke Fire Blog has been hot with fall salmon topics, I have been busy [...]

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Curing Roe Ontario, Canada, Style!

By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 10/16/2013 This year’s charter season has kept me busy out in the blue zone almost every single day, which has made for less time spent fishing for early season Chinook salmon on the piers and in tributaries throughout Southwestern Ontario. As much as I love hardware chucking, trolling, and watching [...]

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Chartreuse Eggs!

By Andy Bliss | 10/15/2013 When Pautzke introduced their line of Fire Brine I, like most of you, thought it was made to color and brine "fish" baits. When I was told that Fire Brine could be used to cure eggs, too, it opened up a whole new world of opportunities! Personally, I started using [...]

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It’s Chetco Bubble Season Time!

By Andy Martin | 10/11/2013 One of the most anticipated salmon fisheries on the West Coast in early October is the so-called "Bubble Season" at the mouth of Oregon's Chetco River. This is when anglers are allowed to fish both the lower portion of the Chetco's estuary, and the near-coastal ocean water just off the [...]

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Southern Wisconsin Salmon Bite Ramps Up

By John Reddy | 10/09/2013 It’s been awesome few days here in Southeast Wisconsin on Lake Michigan’s west shore. After a slow start to the salmon season our fall kings are feeding aggressively and a lot of anglers are getting into big fish and good numbers of them. With a very warm September the bite [...]

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Warm Water Forcing Anglers To Use Lighter Colors On The Niagara

By Ted Kessler | 10/03/2013 Our Niagara River salmon season started out really good, but we had a long stretch of warm weather and it’s slowed down a lot recently. It’s turned into feast or famine. One day you get two or three they next you get six. The high sun and warm temperatures is [...]

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