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Monthly Archives: September 2013

26 09, 2013

Western Michigan Tribs Seeing Flood of Kings


By Kyle Buck | 09/26/2013 In recent weeks Lake Michigan turned over, which cools the water down on the lake and signals to the salmon it’s time to head upriver. For the last few weeks we’ve found some good salmon fishing in Western Michigan’s tributaries. On the other hand, it’s been sort of a goofy [...]

Western Michigan Tribs Seeing Flood of Kings2018-04-18T19:07:17-07:00
23 09, 2013

Klamath River Salmon…Still Awaiting Cooler Water


By Alan Borges | 09/23/2013 There’s a recipe for success on the Lower Klamath River, which hasn’t been met just yet. Fortunately, that’s poised to change in October as temperatures fall and more fish enter the system. There are a lot of things that can happen for the bite to take off down here. Most [...]

Klamath River Salmon…Still Awaiting Cooler Water2018-04-18T19:07:17-07:00
22 09, 2013

Tahoe Kokanee Showing Big This Year


By Chris Shaffer | 09/22/2013 Mike Nielsen of Tahoe Topliners and I have been fishing together for 17 years. And ironically it’s been that long since I last dropped a jig for kokanee in Lake Tahoe. Last week was a reminder of how much fun late season kokanee fishing can be on one of North [...]

Tahoe Kokanee Showing Big This Year2018-04-18T19:07:19-07:00
20 09, 2013

Big Kings Trickling Into NY’s Salmon River


By Troy Creasy | 09/20/2013 I’ve been catching salmon on the Salmon River for the past few days, but compared to this time last year there’s just a fraction of the fish. We had a bunch of real early fish and are kind of in between runs. Right now we have fish trickling in and [...]

Big Kings Trickling Into NY’s Salmon River2018-04-18T19:07:19-07:00
18 09, 2013

Low Water Corralling Cowlitz River Salmon


By Bob Kratzer | 09/18/2013 We are on tract for another solid salmon season on the Cowlitz River and while I consider it a normal run there’s a lot of positive’s to take from what we are experiencing. I’m catching a lot of salmon each day, but I wouldn’t call it leaps and bounds better [...]

Low Water Corralling Cowlitz River Salmon2018-04-18T19:07:20-07:00
12 09, 2013

Rogue River Flying Under The River Despite Large Run Looming


By Steven Theel | 09/12/2013 While most rivers around the region are waiting for the arrival of their fall salmon runs, the Rogue River receives an early shot of kings. Fishing has already been great in the lower river and those fish are now upstream in the middle section. With huge runs of fall kings [...]

Rogue River Flying Under The River Despite Large Run Looming2018-04-18T19:07:21-07:00
5 09, 2013

Learn To Cure Eggs Like A Pro: Sacramento River Style


By Scott Feist | 09/05/2013 The Sacramento River is unique. Everybody thinks of California as Hollywood and warm, soft beaches, and really there’s a whole other side of it. Northern California is a beautiful place that hosts some of the largest runs of king salmon in the world. Besides the beautiful scenery, fishing can be [...]

Learn To Cure Eggs Like A Pro: Sacramento River Style2018-04-18T19:07:22-07:00
4 09, 2013

An Idaho’s Potato’s Guide To Curing Eggs


By John Albrich | 09/04/2013 I’ve mixed BorX O Fire and Fire Brine to make wet brines many times, but I’ve never tried doing that with Fire Cure and Fire Brine and honestly I never intended to do so. Fortunately, an accident on my part forced me to try mixing the cure and brine and [...]

An Idaho’s Potato’s Guide To Curing Eggs2018-04-18T19:07:22-07:00
3 09, 2013

The Cure For Millions of Pinks


By Duane Inglin | 09/03/2013 There’s more than six million pink salmon returning to Puget Sound and rivers that flow into The Sound from now through mid October. Most of our rivers have a limit of four salmon, which translates into an unbelievable opportunity to harvest eggs, which only happens every two years. However, curing [...]

The Cure For Millions of Pinks2018-04-18T19:07:23-07:00
2 09, 2013

Great Lakers Do It With Big Spawn Bags


By Kyle McClelland | 09/02/2013 When fishing for fall kings I always bring spawn bags and skein. I haven’t found a consistent pattern for when skein works better than bags and figure it’s best to let the fish decide what they want on that particular day. While the spawn bags can be more time comprehensive [...]

Great Lakers Do It With Big Spawn Bags2018-04-18T19:07:23-07:00

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