28 07, 2013

Chinook & Sockeye Invading Upper Columbia River


By Brad Wagner | 07/28/2013 Considering we see thousands of summer run Chinook and tens of thousands of chrome bright sockeye, late summer is one of the best times to fish North Central Washington. This season anticipation is high as we are poised for a strong run of Chinook and a decent number of sockeye [...]

Chinook & Sockeye Invading Upper Columbia River2018-04-18T19:07:42-07:00
25 07, 2013

A Guide Secret: Use Dough Bait To Catch More Halibut


By Nick Kester | 07/25/2013 Using dough bait to catch more halibut isn’t standard practice, but as effective as it is, it should be. In fact, it’s quickly becoming a staple in my area and will become more widely used as anglers realize how easy it is to employ, and more important how well it [...]

A Guide Secret: Use Dough Bait To Catch More Halibut2018-04-18T19:07:43-07:00
23 07, 2013

Scented FireCorn Catching Summer Kokanee


By Duane Inglin | 07/23/2013 For me kokanee fishing is enjoyable because you are constantly busy. Encountering these little critters doesn’t just happen. You need to be on your game adjusting depth and changing gear (dodgers, types of lures, leader lengths, bait). Whether you purchase manufactured lures or enjoy creating your own for kokanee there [...]

Scented FireCorn Catching Summer Kokanee2018-04-18T19:07:43-07:00
22 07, 2013

Stampede Kokanee Starting To Show


By Rick Kennedy | 07/22/2013 The kokanee fishing at Stampede the last couple of years was not necessarily the best in the state. Therefore I pursued other opportunities such as Tahoe and Berryessa kokanee. Now, I bought this new boat with the plan of going back to the Sacramento and Feather River for the salmon [...]

Stampede Kokanee Starting To Show2018-04-18T19:07:44-07:00
18 07, 2013

Eureka Salmon: The Best In Our Lifetime


By Gary Blasi | 07/18/2013 Salmon season is in full swing on the North Coast and it’s already shaping up to be one of the best our generations have witnessed. Limits have come quick, often and seem to be the rule, particularly in the Eureka area where fish are amassing to capitalize on massive globs [...]

Eureka Salmon: The Best In Our Lifetime2018-04-18T19:07:46-07:00
17 07, 2013

Cali-Oregon Border Salmon Action On Fire!


By Paul LeFebvre | 07/17/2013 With PFMC estimates of off shore salmon abundance near last years estimates this year is stacking up to be another banner season offshore on the Southern Oregon and Northern California coastlines.  This year the fish from the Sacramento River /Klamath River recovery efforts are one year older and the catches [...]

Cali-Oregon Border Salmon Action On Fire!2019-10-31T09:17:44-07:00
16 07, 2013

Toronto Skyline Salmon Hitting Its Prime


By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 07/16/2013 The cooler weather we’ve experienced this spring and summer has made it tough for salmon and trout anglers on Lake Ontario’s north shore. I began salmon fishing in early June with Captain Mike Snow, who runs salmon charters out of Port Credit, Ontario, and have been on the lake [...]

Toronto Skyline Salmon Hitting Its Prime2018-04-18T19:07:47-07:00
14 07, 2013

Secret Halibut Brine Revealed!


By Gary Blasi | 07/14/2013 I’ve been guiding a decade for halibut on the North Coast and tinkered with countless recipes. I’m always messing with stuff; constantly mixing scents, trying new baits and techniques. However, this summer I’ve found something I plan to stick with. Anyone who fishes for halibut knows how important scent is. [...]

Secret Halibut Brine Revealed!2018-04-18T19:07:48-07:00
11 07, 2013

Cali’s Hat Creek Kicking Out Easy Limits of Rainbows


By Chris Shaffer | 07/11/2013 Central and Northern California are littered with top-notch rivers and streams stuffed with planted rainbow trout. Meanwhile, few can handle the pressure that Lassen County's Hat Creek can. Hat is one of the state's most consistent fisheries and has been for decades. This year, nevertheless, I was told that it [...]

Cali’s Hat Creek Kicking Out Easy Limits of Rainbows2018-04-18T19:07:49-07:00
8 07, 2013

Wild Weather Continues, But Oswego Kings Finally Starting To Show


By Kevin Davis | 07/08/2013 Normally it starts getting easy to catch salmon in Lake Ontario this time of year. We have warm water, good weather and easy fishing, but hasn’t been the case this spring and summer where we’ve been plagued by brutal winds, unseasonably cold weather and storms. It’s been a real tough [...]

Wild Weather Continues, But Oswego Kings Finally Starting To Show2018-04-18T19:07:50-07:00
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