30 01, 2013

Rogue Valley Seeing Early Influx of Big Steelhead


By Steven Theel | 01/30/2013 So far, 2013 has yielded big steelhead on the West Coast. I live in Southern Oregon, in the Rogue Valley, where we’ve anxiously been awaiting the arrival of our runs while watching large fish being caught on the coast. Typically, those bigger fish show in February when the bulk of [...]

Rogue Valley Seeing Early Influx of Big Steelhead2018-04-18T19:08:21-07:00
28 01, 2013

Steelhead Munching Brined Shrimp in Hells Canyon


By Jason Schultz | 01/28/2013 Even when you take the fishing out of the mix, Hells Canyon is such an unbelievable place. We’ve had days this winter where we’ve caught 20-plus steelhead, seen full curled rams right down on the water’s edge, 100-plus elk walking the bank and mule deer all up and down the [...]