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Monthly Archives: August 2012

17 08, 2012

Go Green! Salmon hammering green baits this summer.


By Duane Inglin | 08/17/2012 In the last few months I’ve fielded many questions from fellow anglers spending time in The Bait Lab. One of the most common revolves around turning baits green. I’ve been going green a lot this season, but unfortunately you can’t buy green Nectar or Fire Brine. Pautzke doesn’t make those [...]

Go Green! Salmon hammering green baits this summer.2018-04-18T19:08:37-07:00
11 08, 2012

The Sac Is Back!


By Chris Shaffer | 08/11/2012 I admit I’ve been skeptical. However, after what feels like a decade of disappointment clouding Northern California’s river salmon fishing any educated human being would be cautiously optimistic when agencies predict 820,000 king salmon will return to the Sacramento River system this year, especially considering how far short many of [...]

The Sac Is Back!2018-04-18T19:08:37-07:00
10 08, 2012

The One-Two Punch That Every Salmon Angler Should Know


By Mike Bogue | 08/10/2012 Like everyone else, I'm excited about salmon season. To me, salmon season means two things: get the plugs out and have a lot of roe. If you are going to use FireCured roe this salmon season here's a technique I'd like to share because its going to help you catch [...]

The One-Two Punch That Every Salmon Angler Should Know2018-04-18T19:08:38-07:00
5 08, 2012

The Secret To The Sound: Add Green To Your Diet!


By Chris Shaffer | 08/05/2012 Those of us fortunate to know Pautzke pro staffer and Outdoor Line co-host Duane Inglin on a personal level know nothing excites him more than being in “The Bait Lab” which has taken over a portion of his garage. Knowing this, it was no surprise the Inglin arrived almost 30 [...]

The Secret To The Sound: Add Green To Your Diet!2018-04-18T19:08:39-07:00
3 08, 2012

A Deckhand Secret: Halibut & Rockfish Nectar, Good Enough To Replace Bait


By John Albrich | 08/03/2012 As a fishing guide I don’t always get to enjoy catching fish. In fact, excitement stems from seeing others happy after catching fish on my boat. Regardless of how many fish we catch, or how big they are, nothing is more valuable than seeing my 11-year-old son Conor catch fish, [...]

A Deckhand Secret: Halibut & Rockfish Nectar, Good Enough To Replace Bait2018-04-18T19:08:39-07:00
1 08, 2012

Scent: The Key to Successful Crabbing!


By | 08/01/2012 One of the greatest things about living near coastal waters is enjoying the world-renowned delicacy that is dungeness crab. However, the tasty crustacean is highly sought-after and those anglers that fish the best bait are, more often than not, the ones who will be enjoying a crab dinner! With any type of [...]

Scent: The Key to Successful Crabbing!2018-04-18T19:08:40-07:00

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