17 08, 2012

Go Green! Salmon hammering green baits this summer.


By Duane Inglin | 08/17/2012 In the last few months I’ve fielded many questions from fellow anglers spending time in The Bait Lab. One of the most common revolves around turning baits green. I’ve been going green a lot this season, but unfortunately you can’t buy green Nectar or Fire Brine. Pautzke doesn’t make those [...]

Go Green! Salmon hammering green baits this summer.2018-04-18T19:08:37-07:00
11 08, 2012

The Sac Is Back!


By Chris Shaffer | 08/11/2012 I admit I’ve been skeptical. However, after what feels like a decade of disappointment clouding Northern California’s river salmon fishing any educated human being would be cautiously optimistic when agencies predict 820,000 king salmon will return to the Sacramento River system this year, especially considering how far short many of [...]

The Sac Is Back!2018-04-18T19:08:37-07:00