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Monthly Archives: June 2012

22 06, 2012

Oroville Landlocked Coho In Full Swing


By Chris Shaffer | 06/22/2012 At the time I couldn’t have been more bored. We’d trolled for nearly two hours for Coho without a strike. Surrounded by a dozen boats and trolling under the Highway 162 Bridge that extends across Northern California’s Lake Oroville I put my Blackberry down, walked over to Rick Kennedy and [...]

Oroville Landlocked Coho In Full Swing2018-04-18T19:08:43-07:00
21 06, 2012

Tillamook Summer Salmon Season About To Kick Off


By Pat Abel | 06/21/2012 There’s always good fishing available in the Tillamook area. What I like about this time of year, however, is that we have a phenomenal salmon fishery, yet it remains quiet. After springer season in Portland anglers give up for a while, but here in Tillamook we’ll see a stable run [...]

Tillamook Summer Salmon Season About To Kick Off2018-04-18T19:08:43-07:00
19 06, 2012

Lake Ontario Kings Grabbing Fire Brined Baits


By Josh Choronzey | 06/19/2012 There’s something cool about working biceps on massive summer Chinooks on Lake Ontario with Toronto’s greatest landmark, the CN tower, in the backdrop. I absolutely love downrigging the Great Lakes for salmon. Who wouldn’t? However, the Great Lakes offshore salmon game is becoming a technical fishery. I recall plenty of [...]

Lake Ontario Kings Grabbing Fire Brined Baits2018-04-18T19:08:44-07:00
18 06, 2012

Kokanee Special: Curing Your Own Corn


By Rick Kennedy | 06/18/2012 For more than 15 years I’ve been guiding for kokanee in California and while a few things have changed when it comes to terminal tackle, one thing hasn’t; we all tip our baits with corn. When I first started everybody made their own corn. And, some still do. It’s always [...]

Kokanee Special: Curing Your Own Corn2018-04-18T19:08:44-07:00
1 06, 2012

The Icicle Is About To Heat Up: Springers Are Here Now


By Brad Wagner | 06/01/2012 When the air warms and the days get longer our most prized salmon work their way up the Columbia River. After swimming roughly 500 miles and surpassing seven dams they file into the Wenatchee River and finally the Icicle where I’ll be waiting for them. Thousands of 10-25 pound beauties [...]

The Icicle Is About To Heat Up: Springers Are Here Now2018-04-18T19:08:44-07:00

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