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Gel Krill™
Available in:
1 oz container

Pautzke's new Gel Krill™ is one of the most diverse scents on the market. Available in an easy to use and store 1oz wide mouth container, this long lasting scent created for salmon and steelhead has proven to be ideal for all species of fresh and saltwater fish. Gel Krill™ uses no chemicals for attractant, it’s a carefully mastered all-natural formula of 100% pure krill shrimp taken from arctic waters which has taken the fishing world by surprise. Gel Krill™ is a universal scent that in actuality saves anglers money and space in their tackle box. No longer are several scents needed on each fishing trip. Pautzke's Gel Krill™ is ideal for placing on trout lures when casting spoons, spinners or trolling stickbaits for brown, brook, rainbow, lake, cutthroat and golden trout. It’s also effective when rubbed on lures, plastics, jigs or swimbaits that are casted or trolled for muskie, pike, bass, walleye, pickerel and other large gamefish.

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