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Last Chance for Clearwater Springers
By Toby Wyatt | 05/22/2015
Springer fishing has been red hot on the Clearwater River for the past few weeks. A boat of anglers can catch their limit before noon. It’s been a long time since we had springer fish this good. It’s been at least eight to 10 years. In fact, 2001 was the last time I remember a really killer year like this. .. Read more

Football Size Rainbows: New Mexico's Mundo Lake
By Chris Shaffer | 05/18/2015
As small as Mundo is you’d think it would get fished out quickly. Meanwhile, Mazzone’s aggressive stocking program ensures that doesn’t happen. Roughly 50,000 trout are planted annually. Those join thousands of holdovers from year’s past. The lake is choked with trout, literally. And, big trout. Catching a three-to-five pound rainbow isn’t a big deal here. It’s expected. A five pounder won’t get you on the bragging board. You’ll have to do better than that. Rainbows and browns are available, but we only caught rainbows. .. Read more

Fire Corn Tipped Pistol Pete's - Catching Farmington Rainbows
By Chris Shaffer | 05/11/2015
Farmington Lake is likely a place we’ll never go back to. It’s a pretty lake set minutes from Farmington, but doesn’t harbor many trophy trout. Most are 10-12 inch rainbows, which I’m sure taste great on the skillet (we caught and released all fish as we were there to film). It’s a great place for locals to come before or after work, offers exceptional shoreline access and doesn’t charge a parking fee. .. Read more

Rogue Springers off to Good Start!
By Steven Theel | 05/08/2015
The Rogue River in Southern Oregon is famous for its run of springers. In recent years returns have been low. However, 2015 is off to one of the fastest starts in recent history. Typically, our spring salmon don't start showing in the Upper Rogue until at least the first week of May. This year, meanwhile, we switched over to them from winter steelhead on April 15th and have been catching fish every day since... Read more

New Mexico's San Juan Serving Epic Trout Bite
By Chris Shaffer | 05/06/2015
Meanwhile, the state’s most famous trout fishery dodged a bullet. Trout fishing was excellent on the San Juan River yesterday. Excellent is an understatement. We didn’t arrive early and still caught and released nearly 75 rainbows within a few hours. Mind you, there were only two anglers fishing. Our course, being a bait company we stayed out of the special regulations section, opting to fish FireCorn and Balls O Fire salmon eggs near the town of Navajo Dam instead. .. Read more

James River Catfish Grabbing Catfish Nectar Soaked Baits
By Chris Shaffer | 05/05/2015
The James River is one of the most prolific blue catfish fisheries on the planet. There’s few other places you can go and expect to catch a fish greater than 40 pounds on a daily basis and have a strong chance at hooking one 40-70 pounds. The fishery is strong from Williamsburg to Richmond, but we chose to target the Hopewell area due to the high probability of catching trophy fish. .. Read more

North Shore Lake Superior Steelhead Showing
By Tom Armstrong | 05/04/2015
Winter has finally loosened its grip on Northwestern Ontario and almost immediately our steelhead streams opened up bringing fresh steelhead in and marking the beginning of our spring steelhead season on Lake Superior’s north shore. .. Read more

Little Baits=Big Fish for Cowlitz Springers
By Bob Kratzer | 05/03/2015
While a lack of snowpack has spelled low water on the Cowlitz River this spring our spring Chinook fishery is in full swing. We’ve been doing well. Meanwhile, the low water has spelled clearer than normal water, which makes for tougher springer bites. We’ve been catching fish for almost a month and the bite will go clear into early June. These are chrome bright, sea lice covered, right out of the salt fish and averaging 12-18 pounds... Read more

Trout Fish BC This Weekend: Sasquatch Provincial Park
By Chris Shaffer | 05/01/2015
There’s and endless amount of trout fishing opportunities available in Southern British Columbia this spring, but it might be a stretch to find a lake more productive than Hicks Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park. Roughly two hours from Vancouver, the lake was stocked last week with 1,500 catchable size rainbows by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC and it’s fishing well. .. Read more

A Pro's Brine - To Make Your Baits Shine
By John Albrich | 04/30/2015
I’ve been brining baits for decades. I started as a kid with saltwater brines (like everybody else) and as commercial brines came on the market I started playing with those. A few weeks ago, while screwing around in the Bait Lab, I found something that worked flawlessly. Sure, my new recipe is more work than some anglers want to do, but it’s yielding the most vibrant baits I’ve seen. .. Read more

Bald Eagle Creek Harboring Rainbows
By Chris Shaffer | 04/27/2015
While Penns and Spring Creek dominate the publicity and field a ton of fishing pressure, the trout bite at Bald Eagle Creek is strong enough to warrant a visit and brings anglers to sections of water with less fishing pressure. Bald Eagle is stocked at various access points in Central Pennsylvania and is fishing better than it normally would a week after the opener. .. Read more

Willamette Springer Bite On Fire
By Pat Abel | 04/26/2015
The springer run on the Willamette River is everything we expecting and will run through June. If you know what you’re doing, it’s been pretty easy to catch a two-fish limit when you are on a pod of fish. We are hooking three-to-four fish a day. I think their prediction is right on this year, perhaps even better than right on. They did a great job forecasting the Willamette. .. Read more

Ontario Trout Season Opens This Weekend
By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 04/23/2015
This weekend will be a busy one. Trout season opens in the province at 12:00 am, Saturday. Early Saturday morning many anglers can be seen on the bank night-fishing for steelhead or holding their honey holes until there is enough light to fish. .. Read more

Central PA Trout Streams Coming Into Shape
By Chris Shaffer | 04/23/2015
After shorts weather and bluebird skies this past opening weekend, Central Pennsylvania saw multiple inches of rain and tornado warnings early this week, which sent most of the region’s well known fisheries into unfishable territory. Famed systems like Penns and Spring Creek have been out of commission since Monday. Meanwhile, both are expected to fish this weekend. .. Read more

PA's Four Mile Run Stuffed With Trout
By Kyle McClelland | 04/21/2015
We’d planned on targeting rainbows in Loyalhanna Creek in Westmoreland County, but the creek seemed fished out, was running high and there was a tremendous amount of pressure already on the system. Instead, we downloaded the FishBoatPA App and searched for a nearby location that had been stocked with trout recently. We were roughly an hour from Pittsburgh. The App synced with our phone and rerouted us to Four Mile Run, a place none of us had ever heard of, or fished before. Dodging private property we were determined to find a hole filled with trout. .. Read more

Perfect Cure For Upriver Springers
By John Albrich | 04/20/2015
I cure fall and spring Chinook eggs the same way, which comes in a sulfite based formula. Meanwhile, I’ve been tinkering with my recipe this winter and spring as I stockpiled steelhead eggs in anticipation of a strong spring Chinook season. Here’s my latest go-to recipe. .. Read more

Virginia's Douthat State Park Kicking Out Trout In High Water
By Chris Shaffer | 04/20/2015
Wilson Creek is one of Bath County’s more popular systems, simply because how often it’s stocked and the public, roadside access available in Douthat State Park. Anglers can park alongside more than five miles of creek that’s stocked twice a week through June 15. The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries does a great job at loaded the creek with rainbows, which is necessary given the heavy pressure this system receives. .. Read more

Southeast Trout Hammering FireBait
By Casey Kelley | 04/16/2015
Like most streams where bait can be used in the state this is a put and take fishery and one of the most popular trophy trout streams in the east. We arrived and saw nearly a dozen anglers within eyesight struggling to catch trout with dough baits, corn and lures. You could see massive rainbows in many of the holes, but they weren’t interested in feeding. Fortunately, I thought this would be a good barometer to see how well our FireBait worked out east. .. Read more

Virginia's Jackson River Heavily Planted
By Chris Shaffer | 04/14/2015
If you have the time to explore the Jackson River in Bath County, I’d recommend it. On the other hand, if you live in a major city it’s a haul. While a two-hour drive from Charlottesville, Roanoke and Blacksburg, it extends to three from Richmond, four from the DC area and almost five from Virginia Beach. Flowing out of West Virginia and through the Alleghany Mountains, the upper portion of the Jackson River is an anglers dream and harbors plenty of rainbows and browns. .. Read more

Racine Steelhead Expected to Make Big Push
By Kyle Deavers | 04/12/2015
We’ve needed rain bad to revive our steelhead run here in Southeast Wisconsin and after late last week I think we got more than we needed, which means we should have a lot of fresh fishing coming in this week. Once our systems clear from the mud steelhead fishing will be good throughout April. The entire Racine area (where I fish) has been muddy and unfishable for a few days. It will clear by midweek. .. Read more

Pautzke Introduces Silver Label Salmon Eggs
By Casey Kelley | 04/06/2015
With the new edition of Silver Label Balls O Fire salmon eggs our family has grown. It’s exciting to see our strong customer base enthusiastic about a new addition to our Balls O Fire line. We don’t come out with new salmon eggs often because we only want to bring the best products to your tackle box, but this was a no brainer. .. Read more

Overlooked Citico Creek Getting Heavy Trout Plants
By Chris Shaffer | 04/05/2015
One thing to consider before writing this system off is the Tellico River Hatchery stocks the same size fish in both systems, meaning those popular Tellico Trophies are released in the Citico, too, roughly 500 of them or about 10 a week. Those 10 fish per week range between three and eight pounds and due to less pressure have a better chance of being caught by anglers who fish this system. In addition, the same 12-16 inch rainbows that everyone loves on the Tellico, are also being planted here. .. Read more

Tellico Trophies Being Stocked Weekly
By Chris Shaffer | 04/02/2015
Starting last year, the hatchery began growing trout beyond traditional sizes and implemented a trophy stocking program. Gone are pan size rainbows. In are 12-16 inch averages and a handful of trophy trout wandering between three and eight pounds. Those fish have quickly been dubbed “Tellico Trophies” and are luring in anglers by the truckload from Northern Alabama, North Georgia and East Tennessee. .. Read more

Roughly 10 Days Left in Slow Springer Season
By Mike Ainsworth | 03/31/2015
While it’s been slow, let’s not forget that the last few years haven’t gotten good until April. The bite in March has consistently been slow since 2010. In years past, people wouldn’t start fishing it heavy until April, but now-a-days they close the fishery so early we have to try to catch fish in March. We are hoping they give us a few days after April 10, which is the current date our fishery is scheduled to close. .. Read more

Simcoe Perch Hammering Blue Minnows
By Chris Shaffer | 03/29/2015
Zivkovic and I were in Southern Ontario, roughly an hour from Toronto and the Greater GTA (with no traffic) at Lake Simcoe between Snake Island and the mainland in search of what they refer to locally at “jumbos.” Set near the town of Keswick, the shallow flats in this part of the lake are home to many of Canada’s largest perch, and arguably some of the biggest in North America. Staring through the hole reminded me of an aquarium. The water was gin clear. We watched perch swim in and out of the picture... Read more
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