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Willamette Springers Here Now
By Bill Swann | 04/22/2014
I’m still expecting a great season on the Willy, meaning 62,000-63,000 fish should be showing back up anytime. I think the springers are still in the main stem of the Columbia River now and they aren’t moving very fast. There’s springers in the Willy right now, but not as many as we’d like to see. However, as the water temperatures down there warm those salmon will move into this system to find cooler water. That could happen within the next few days, on up to a week. .. Read more

Chelan Kokanee Turning Heads This Year
By Brad Wagner | 04/21/2014
I have the privilege of fishing this wonderful lake at least five days a week in April and May. I'm still impressed every day with its' clarity and the size and numbers of kokanee available when the bite is on. It also provides quality rainbow and lake trout fishing. At more than 1,500 feet deep, Lake Chelan is very deep, but most of the fish are in a small portion of the water column. .. Read more

Virginia's Big Tumbling Creek Stuffed With Trout
By Chris Shaffer | 04/16/2014
For those of you who haven’t been to Big Tumbling, it’s situated between Wythville, VA and Bristol, TN, and is one of Virginia’s fee fishing streams, meaning a $8 daily fishing permit is required in addition to a license. Fortunately, that stamp brings three stockings per week. The creek is stocked all days, except Sunday, and offers several miles of roadside access. .. Read more

Columbia Springers Here Now!
By Bill Swann | 04/10/2014
While I’m not biologist, my opinion is the run is either late or there’s tons of fish in the river and they are just not moving, which explains the low counts of fish over the dam. Keep in mind, the season was supposed to close already. And, we’ve already gone through one extension, which means they’ve given us an extra week to catch the 10,500 spring Chinook allotted to anglers in the Columbia River from Bonneville to Buoy 10. .. Read more

Central Washington's Quincy Lakes Trout Biting
By Sam Baird | 04/06/2014
Even though by this time of year I'm chomping at the bit to chase monster Chinook, I can't overlook these lakes in the early spring. Seeing all the smiling faces and hearing the laughs of kids, old timers, women and men alike takes me back to my childhood. It brings back memories of waking up opening morning and heading to the lake with my Grandpa with poles in hand, a jar of Pautzke Eggs in my pocket and the excitement of that first bite! If you get a chance make the time to get together with people and hit up these great fisheries. You wont regret it... Read more

Chattooga River Trout Small, Yet Plentiful
By Chris Shaffer | 03/30/2014
For those of you who haven’t fished this beautiful system in the Sumter National Forest, it averages 60 feet wide in this area and has some enormous, deep holes, long runs and large riffles. This isn’t your typical small North Georgia or mountain South Carolina stream. It’s large and holds a mind-boggling amount of rainbows, browns and brook trout, even in this heavily fished area known from the Burrells Ford Bridge on downstream through Burrells Fork Campground. .. Read more

Cherokee Rainbows Munching on Salmon Eggs
By Chris Shaffer | 03/28/2014
In fishing hundreds of rivers and streams in The South the past decade this is one of a handful that rivals the great trout stocking programs in California’s Sierra Nevada, those in the Rockies, etc. These freestone streams are flooded with beautifully reared and plump rainbows and offer the chance at catching large holdovers and some browns. And, fortunately, the tribe stocks enough trout to manage the high demand here. Other tribes, fishing organizations and game agencies should study the Cherokee model. They are top notch here. .. Read more

Oregon Coast Lakes Packed With Planted Trout
By Andy Martin | 03/27/2014
Working as a full-time guide, my family gets plenty of opportunities to fish. But when it comes to stocked rainbows, we have to hit the road. The Southern Oregon coastal town of Brookings, where we live, has plenty of world-class fishing, mainly for salmon, steelhead and ocean fish, but there are no trout lakes in out community. We have to travel at least 50 miles to Lake Selmac near Cave Junction, or Arizona Beach Pond near Port Orford, to catch trout. .. Read more

Spring Steelhead Madness Begins on Lake Huron
By Josh Choronzey | 03/25/2014
Artic Vortex is a term Ontario steelheaders will be happy to forget now that winter is slowly loosening its grip on the Province. Late March has arrived and with it, the spring steelhead season is starting to kick in. In terms of a harsh and late winter, Ontario has taken a beating. Snow pack is still deep along the shores of Lake Huron, and the Great Lake with accompanying Georgian Bay is still locked under huge amounts of ice. Yet spring is slowly peeking its beautiful head around the corner and a few warm and wet days of the past week have opened up sections of some Huron steelhead tributaries. Adding the fuel to the fire is our forecast, suggesting warm days and rain ahead. Ahhhhh yes, the spring madness begins... Read more

Plunkers Catching Steelhead On Lake Ontario's North Shore
By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 03/23/2014
Plunking, otherwise known as bottom-bouncing or surf-casting in fisherman lingo, is a change in pace compared to targeting steelhead by float-fishing, trolling or casting hardware. It is a very simple, inexpensive and ‘laid-back’ technique to target staging steelhead at river mouths in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) prior to the first run of the spring. .. Read more

Fresh Steelhead & Down Runners Clogging The Salmon River
By Andy Bliss | 03/21/2014
While it might read late March on your calendar don't hang up your steelhead gear just yet. There’s still a lot of great fishing to be had on the Salmon River this year. .. Read more

Browns & Steelhead Making A Show in Southeast Wisconsin
By John Reddy | 03/20/2014
Winter has yielded good ice fishing opportunities in the harbors of Southeast Wisconsin. We’ve had good ice since early December and have been able to fish in a lot of areas that we normally don’t get to fish this late in spring. In fact, we may have ice heading into April... Read more

Brutal Cold Weather Has the Oswego Bite the Best In 20 Years
By Kevin Davis | 03/18/2014
For March, this is the best fishing I’ve ever seen it. Usually in March when you catch a dozen you’ve had a great day, but we are doing much better than that. Normally, this time of year a lot of them are spawning and they can be tough to catch. And, with the water so cold we don’t get a lot of biters, but this year is different. The cold weather and long winter has pushed the fish into the slow water and they’ve become easier to catch. .. Read more

Big Late Push of Steelhead Expected on the Wilson
By Big Dave Manners | 03/13/2014
It’s simple. We didn’t have water in January and a bunch of fish didn’t come in. Now that we have water the fish are coming with it. I’m guessing the next few weeks will be really good. This year we’ll probably have fish through April. .. Read more

Rogue Steelhead Bite Just Getting Started
By Steven Theel | 03/12/2014
The Upper Rogue near Shady Cove is just starting to get underway for winter steelhead. This section of river receives one of the latest returns of hatchery winter steelhead in the Northwest. It starts to peak at the end of March and lasts through April. Most of our best days don't occur until the first week or two of April, which is late compared to most rivers. We're already starting to see a decent return as 350 fish had entered the hatchery by the first week of March... Read more

Steelhead Fishing Getting A Bump in the Tillamook Area
By Pat Abel | 03/11/2014
However, with the water conditions we have now, I think we are going to have some good fishing for the rest of the season. And, based on the fact that we are starting to get fronts coming in, we are finally seeing our broodstock arrive. I’m going to fish through the first week of April. With these 10-14 pound broodstock around there’s a lot to look forward to the next few weeks. .. Read more

Will The Eel & Other Eureka Area Rivers Fish This March?
By Alan Borges | 03/10/2014
If we don’t get another storm for 10 days the South Fork of the Eel River will be the only fishable river right now. And, if we don’t get anymore rain the Mattole, Van Duzen, Mad and others (this blog isn’t covering the Trinity system) should be fishable in mid to late March. However, any rain will dirty those rivers in a hurry and keep us off the water. .. Read more

Bluebacks and Steelhead In The Chetco
By Andy Martin | 03/09/2014
March is a special time on Southern Oregon's Chetco River. The crowds are gone, the days are a little warmer, and there are still steelhead to be caught. In fact, some of the highest-number catches of the season can occur during the last few weeks of the season, as large numbers of spawned out steelhead are still in the system, while fresh, bright fish continue to trickle in... Read more

Steelhead Alley Locked Up...Hoping For Open Water Soon
By Ben See | 03/07/2014
However, conditions haven’t been consistent. One day the river is locked up and the next there may only be shelf ice. Mother Nature has put a damper on steelhead fishing access in the region, but those who are willing to do a bit of walking are finding scattered openings throughout the stream systems. A few friends and I were able to get out on the water just before a massive freeze and caught 50-100 fish between the three of us. That is a fantastic day!.. Read more

Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Numbers Down, But Size Up Heading Into Peak Season
By Bob Kratzer | 03/06/2014
There’s no doubt about it here on the Olympic Peninsula it’s been a slow season so far. There’s way less fish than normal. Our hatchery steelhead season in December and January was dismal at best. Fortunately, our wild fish season, which we are in now, is better. We are able to go out and get five to six on towards eight and nine steelhead a day. And, that’s just been the last few weeks. .. Read more

Cowlitz River Poised For Strong March
By Todd Daniels | 03/05/2014
Still, the Cowlitz remains one of the best hatchery steelhead fisheries in the region. Usually by the end of the February we’ll have a good indication of what’s coming in March. And, right now we are getting about 3-4 per day. With that said, compared to every other fishery around, we are head and shoulders above it. Regardless, it will be hands down the best steelhead fishery in the state by a mile. You should realistically be hooking limits everyday. That being said you might only land one or two, but that’s fishing. Limits are two fish per angler. .. Read more

Western Michigan Steelhead Anglers Hoping For Open Water Sometime in March
By Kyle Buck | 03/04/2014
For the most part it’s been so cold for so long that 90 percent of every river in Western Michigan is frozen over. Right now there’s only selected areas that you can fish. Those include Tippy Dam on the Manistee and Croton Dam on the Muskegon. I’m sure there’s some other rivers around that are open, but right now it’s still five degrees out. As of today the Great Lakes are 90.5% ice covered and expected to reach 97% in the next two days, setting an all time record. That just shows how cold it has been around here... Read more

Smith River Steelhead Bite To Last Into April
By Mick Thomas | 03/03/2014
While crowds have thinned steelhead fishing is not over on the Smith River. We are seeing chrome bright fish arrive everyday. In fact, the downer Scott Feist caught on my boat last week was the first I’ve seen this season. I think we have a lot of great steelhead fishing ahead of us... Read more

The Remedy For Steelhead Lockjaw? Try Pregnant Eggs
By Paul LeFebvre | 03/02/2014
orX O Fire is a great cure and is very handy for quickly curing eggs and fishing the next morning. However, if one has a few days, one can use a trick with Pautzke’s Fire Cure to literally impregnate eggs with different scents, or enhance the already great krill additive that comes with the product. Enter the Pregnant Egg!!.. Read more

Southern Ontario Locked Up With Ice: Steelhead Fishing Expect To Return Soon
By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 02/28/2014
Unfortunately, this winter has been a really cold one up here in Ontario, and it has locked up just about every river I like to spend my winter day’s float-fishing for steelhead on Lake Huron/Georgian Bay rivers such as the Saugeen, Sydenham, Bighead, Beaver and the Nottawasaga. I have not been much this winter since a couple mild days allowed me to in the middle of January. .. Read more
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