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Overlooked Winter Lingcod One of Oregon's Best Fisheries
By Andy Martin | 12/22/2014
While most anglers living in Oregon turn their attention to the state's world class steelhead rivers during the winter, those living near the coast constantly keep an eye on the marine forecast. If the ocean lays down in January, February and March, they seize the opportunity to head offshore to get a quick limit of tasty lingcod... Read more

Southwestern Ontario Enduring Slow Steelhead Run, But Conditions Improving
By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 12/18/2014
Why am I optimistic? Consider what happened last winter and spring. Last spring cold weather kept the chrome in the rivers longer than we as used to. High and cold water in Lake Ontario tributaries retained steelhead in late May. They didn’t migrate back into the lake until after their spawn, which was near mid May. In some tributaries, many of these fish stuck around until June/July, which gave them minimal time to feed in the lake. .. Read more

Lake Huron Steelhead Making Late Push
By Josh Choronzey | 12/17/2014
This super late spawn put our steelhead way behind the regular schedule of recuperation on Huron. A shortened offshore feeding window resulted in steelhead needing to stay offshore to feed during primary fall migration months. Fish that entered systems in October and early November appeared skinny and still bearing the brunt of the late spawn. River temperatures dipped low late in October and the warm lake temperatures on Huron provided ideal feeding conditions, which in the long run meant the majority of fish stayed out in the lake. Many anglers have been blaming commercial fishing, cormorant predation, poor year-class survival and disease for the late returns, but anglers “in the know” are not nearly as concerned, instead they are patient. .. Read more

Ontario's Saugeen River Kicking Out Nice Steelhead
By Chris Shaffer | 12/16/2014
Roughly 30 minutes from the regional hub of Owen Sound, the Saugeen is no secret. Managed to provide Ontario anglers with a strong return of steelhead, it sees a tremendous amount of pressure daily from fall through spring and is able to maintain a wild and hatchery steelhead run even with the two-fish limit available to anglers looking to grill a few fish... Read more

Oregon's Trask Boasting Big Run
By Pat Abel | 11/26/2014
We are slowing coming to the tail end of the run here on the Oregon Coast. We’ve had fish coming in the Trask River since September, but this run will last through mid December, at least. Conservatively, this fall’s run is 25 percent better than last year. We aren’t seeing larger fish, but we are seeing more fish. And, we are seeing big numbers of coho. In fact, I haven’t seen a coho run that compares to this in years. .. Read more

Learn To Tie Spawn Like A Canadian
By Josh Choronzey | 11/25/2014
If you follow the following steps properly you’ll come up with great looking eggs. Mind you, if you deviate from the steps laid out, the eggs will not turn out as they should. The steps to curing and creating the perfect bait are so simple it is silly. Here is my how to procedure to serving up some fine steelhead baits for the early season here in Owen Sound, Southern Ontario and anywhere in the Great Lakes... Read more

From The Bait Lab: Egg Storage 101
By Duane Inglin | 11/24/2014
I’m here to answer some of the dozens of questions we’ve been asked in recent weeks regarding egg storage, and add some advise from personal experience. Two are the most common questions are, “Is there a difference between storing eggs in the refrigerator vs the freezer?” And, “How about short term vs. long term storage.”.. Read more

A Guide Secret To Getting More Out of Jigs
By Bob Kratzer | 11/19/2014
Fortunately, recent experimentation has enabled me to surpass this hurdle. Using fresh squid I now have a jig that looks, swims and finally smells like a squid, and we all know how well salmon smell. With a little sea salt, Pautzke Fire Brine, BorX O Fire and Nectar, I can make a squid tough, last longer and smell irrestible to salmon. It’s given me a new edge on the water. The cured/brine squid is producing catch rates like I saw a few decades ago. .. Read more

Rogue Steelhead Back In The Game
By Steven Theel | 11/10/2014
I’m expecting the fishing to stay good through November. We received more rain than average which has helped to draw both steelhead and coho out of the Middle Rogue and into the upper. Luckily no matter how hard it rains, we always have a clear section of river to fish thanks to controlled releases from Lost Creek Dam. Even when the rest of the river looks like chocolate milk, the half mile section of river above the first major tributary stays fishable... Read more

Clearer Water Improving Salmon River Steelie Bite
By Homer Brown | 11/09/2014
Roughly, two weeks ago the Salmon blew out, which left it high and muddy for about a week. Be happy you weren’t here for that. Fishing was tough. Meanwhile, as the water started dropping, it cooled and fishing eggs turned on. The steelhead have been gobbling them up ever since. .. Read more

Mix Cures For The Perfect Egg
By Duane Inglin | 11/03/2014
I still use red and pink cure weekly in the fall. However, I like to mix cures to create an egg that most guys aren’t fishing. Sometimes that’s all it takes to have an edge. An egg that’s created by mixing cures is valuable to me when conditions aren’t normal, meaning there’s falling river conditions and minimal visibility. By mixing cures, you’re able to achieve a dark, red egg that also has more properties to help it stand out. .. Read more

Lower Clearwater Seeing Steelies File In
By Toby Wyatt | 10/22/2014
Steelhead season is underway in Idaho where we’ve been running fishing trips on the Clearwater River. The river has been producing nice numbers of fish. The Clearwater has been kicking out a lot of quality big B-run fish ranging anywhere from 12 to 18 pounds. This time of year these fish are hot and make some line screaming runs and acrobatic leaps. .. Read more

Puget Sound Coho Trickling In
By Todd Daniels | 10/07/2014
Keep in mind, we are just getting going up here. October is the peak of the Snohomish River coho season. The next rain is going to make this river on like Donkey Kong. It will suck the rest of the fish out of salt water and also turn the bite on for the fish in the river right now. .. Read more

Tillamook's Turn To Cash In On Salmon
By Pat Abel | 10/06/2014
For the past few weeks we’ve been seeing good numbers of salmon in the bay and I’m seeing big fish. In fact, I’m seeing five and six year old fish, and I’m seeing a lot of fish. All and all, I think we are going to see a really decent year. I’m kind of cautious to say stuff like this, but I think the run is better than I’ve seen in the last 10 years. .. Read more

Guide To Float Fishing Toronto Salmon
By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 10/01/2014
My favourite way to target salmon when they are staging is by float fishing! There is nothing as exciting as watching a float suddenly drop after bouncing across the water’s surface in deep stretches, with a big salmon hooked up on the end of your line. Float fishing with Pautzke-cured skein chunks may be messy, but it is a simple, effective, somewhat inexpensive, and a fun way to target our migratory trout and salmon species from shore... Read more

Opening Day On The Chetco: Ground Zero For Trophy Kings
By Andy Martin | 09/30/2014
Many Oregon rivers have large runs of three-year-old kings, those 12-15 pound cookie cutters. The Chetco, however, is likely an angler's best bet at a legitimate trophy salmon... Read more

Hanford Reach Seeing Epic Salmon Action
By Bruce Hewitt | 09/30/2014
People are going nuts. I can’t say I’ve ever seen this. This reminds you of the Buoy 10 fishery or the Portland springer fishery where huge crowds show. I’ve lived in the Tri Cities area 13 years and never seen this much excitement. People were excited last year because it was a huge run of fish. This is blowing the hinges off things. .. Read more

Atlanta Trout Bite On Fire!
By Chris Shaffer | 09/29/2014
Weaving beneath the traffic filled I-285 and 75, the Chattahoochee River is stuffed with trout, all thriving in cool, refreshing water sucked out of Buford Dam. More than 50 river miles of the Hooch support large populations of trout and while the fishery is partially managed as a put-and take by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, most residents have no idea so many trout reside here. .. Read more

Niagara Salmon Have Arrived
By Ted Kessler | 09/26/2014
I’m excited about salmon season. I’m expecting a good one for one main reason: guys didn’t do that well trolling the lake this summer. They didn’t catch a lot of salmon in Lake Ontario this summer, which is going to help us on the Lower Niagara River. There’s going to be more salmon swimming upriver... Read more

Tough Year For Thunder Bay Chinooks
By Tom Armstrong | 09/24/2014
Regardless of which theory is correct, it was a quieter year along the north shore, but there were still fish to be caught. With the fall run in full swing, anglers still have plenty of opportunity to target salmon on the rivers, as well as plenty of time to fish the lake itself. It’s still a great time to be out on the water and we can hope for a better season next year... Read more

Colorado High Country Trout in Feed Mode
By Chris Shaffer | 09/23/2014
Deep in the White River National Recreation Area, Deep Lake is a gem with trout that are hungry right now, presumably feeding in anticipation of the coming winter, even though it was almost 80 degrees this high up. Leaves were starting to change and trout wouldn’t stop biting. .. Read more

Salmon Anglers: Get Your Wobble On
By Bob Kratzer | 09/22/2014
Prior to the Simon Backpack all you could do was put some oil or gel scent on your wobbler. Fortunately, now you can add a small piece of meat or another added scent to make your wobbler even more appealing. The Simon Backpack snaps on the topside of your wobbler and with a little space added for your special bait. I have been trying several different concoctions of baits and scents in my backpacks so far this year and have come up with a few that have generated success often. .. Read more

Salmon Season Underway in Coos Bay
By Andy Martin | 09/19/2014
Coos Bay and the lower Coos River is perhaps Oregon's most under-rated, and at times the state's most prolific fall salmon fishery. Tens of thousands of bright kings return to the bay in late summer and early fall, producing the type of salmon fishing that rivals the more popular Buoy 10 (Columbia River at Astoria) and Tillamook Bay seasons... Read more

Sacramento Salmon Still Coming in Low Water
By Mike Bogue | 09/18/2014
There was a lot of negative media coverage a few months ago prior to our Sacramento River salmon opener. We all heard that the terrible drought we are in was going to cripple our salmon run. I knew that wasn’t going to be the case and the last few weeks have proven it. The drought has nothing to do with these fish. They were in the ocean three and four years ago and have been swimming out there for that long. These fish were already out in the ocean when the drought hit. There was no doubt they were coming back. .. Read more

Guarantee Northwest Egg Cure
By Duane Inglin | 09/15/2014
For Chinook, there’s one variable that shouldn’t be broken: eggs must be cured in a sulfite cure. I use Pautzke Fire Cure. It’s the best on the market. I also rely on one of two “Go-To” additional baits/scents; tuna or sand-shrimp. Creating the ever so popular “cocktail” is simple. A chunk of cured roe placed in the egg loop with a sand-shrimp is all you need and keep in mind, the fresher the shrimp, the better... Read more
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