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600,000 Sockeye Invande Upper Columbia
By Brad Wagner | 07/25/2014
It’s been an exciting July here in Central Washington. We’ve seen more than 600,000 sockeye salmon cross Bonneville Dam, the first of seven dams these fish swim past on their way up to Lake Osoyoos in Canada. There’s so many sockeye in the Upper Columbia River right now that it’s been a chore for me to sit down and write this. .. Read more

The Secret Shrimp Cure, That's Not So Secret!
By Brad Wagner | 07/23/2014
As with any bait keeping them cold is important. As long as you do, you’ll have a quality bait to use. And, with a massive amount of salmon coming to the Northwest it’s time to prepare your shrimp now. Keep in mind, many of us don’t have eggs to cure yet. Fortunately, with these shrimp there’s no problem. You can still catch fish with shrimp and many times will surprise yourself and be out catching guys using eggs... Read more

Steelhead Filing Into Oregon's Willamette
By Bret Stuart | 07/22/2014
Most steelhead are found on the Middle Fork/Main Willamette between Dexter Dam and Beltline Bridge, which is about a 30-mile stretch, basically from Lowell to Eugene. Size-wise we are seeing larger fish this year, most notably a lot of 10-11 pound fish, rather than the eight pounders we saw last year... Read more

Sacramento River Salmon Season Opens Today
By Scott Feist | 07/16/2014
Due to our drought there’s a lot of pessimism on supposed low water conditions. First off, let me tell you right now our rivers are far from low. And, we are supposed to have good flows for some time. With that being said, we are going to have less water in our rivers at an earlier time than we normally do. But don’t let that fool you. The salmon are coming. That’s the key thing: the salmon are coming. It doesn’t make a difference. If there’s enough water for them to swim up the river they are going to come. .. Read more

Big Kokanee In Tahoe
By Rick Kennedy | 07/15/2014
So far this year, in my boat, I’ve seen fish up to 18 inches. These are fat, hard-fighting, 18-inch fish. I’ve witnessed other anglers at the boat ramp with fish up to 3.5 pounds and larger. Also, I’ve had several reports from reputable anglers of even larger kokanee so far this year. It’s going to be a great summer for kokanee fishing in the Tahoe Basin. There’s big kokes around, but don’t expect all of them to be huge... Read more

Kentucky's Hatchery Creek Stuffed With Trout
By Chris Shaffer | 06/18/2014
For those who haven’t been, which I’m guessing is most; Hatchery Creek is one of Kentucky’s most heavily fished creeks. At the base of Lake Cumberland, and just feet from Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery, this small stream gets pounded by anglers and stocked often. .. Read more

Kentucky's Cumberland Rainbows Showing Big
By Chris Shaffer | 06/17/2014
Fortunately, unlike many portions of the Southeast, the Cumberland River is a year-round trout fishery that is turning the corner into prime now. Even when it’s in the 90s, and extreme humidity is present, these trout flourish in 50-degree water and continue to grow daily. For a chance at a three-pound rainbow, which is pretty common this summer, it’s time to head to South Central Kentucky, where some of the hottest trout fishing in the country is taking place right now. .. Read more

Berryessa Kicking Out Cali's Largest Kokanee
By Troy Barr | 06/12/2014
By far we are the premier kokanee lake in California. Ever since Indian Valley went dry, Berryessa has been picking up the slack. There’s no better kokanee lake in in the state. For quantity I’d go to Stampede or Melones, but they are all small. You can catch as many kokanee as you want at those lakes, but you come to Berryessa for quality. .. Read more

Salmon River Springer Action Expected To Be Epic
By Homer Brown | 06/11/2014
For the next two weeks it’s going to be dynamite here. Fish and Game gave us a 5,000 fish quota this year (up from roughly 1,800 last year) and I’m guessing the majority of those fish will be caught in the next two weeks. Reason being is the water level has come down and is forecasted to keep dropping. We’ll have good numbers of fish running by us until July. .. Read more

Don Pedro Kokanee To Peak In June
By Danny Layne | 06/10/2014
While our drought is a real problem that isn’t going away anytime soon there is still water available to target kokanee. In fact, Don Pedro Reservoir is the healthiest lake around. It’s at 50 percent and there’s plenty of water, but what’s happened is the fish aren’t where they normally are. Anglers have to work tougher than they are accustomed to for our cold water species. .. Read more

Low Water Not Hampering Stampede Kokanee Bite
By Rick Kennedy | 06/08/2014
The good news, meanwhile, is most of the high dollar ski boats are staying away. Fortunately, the water level hasn’t affected the fishing. Actually, I like it better this way because the fish are concentrated. I’m hoping it wont go much lower, but there’s no way to know what’s going to happen this summer. Regardless of what the water does the kokanee are going to continue to bite and if the low water keeps boaters off the lake the kokanee fishing might actually be better than normal. .. Read more

New Mexico's Eagle Nest Lake Kicking Out Huge Early Season Kokanee
By Chris Shaffer | 06/06/2014
After spending a few hours on the lake last week with Danny Selman of Eagle Nest Marina Guide Service it became apparent that this high mountain lake resting at nearly 8,200 feet could possibly rival the average size and quality of kokanee anywhere in the country. Keep in mind, growing season starts late here and 19-inch, 2-pound plus kokanee are already common. They are going to be huge this summer... Read more

Cooler Water Keeping Kokanee Active & Waterskiers Off Donner
By Rick Kennedy | 06/05/2014
Donner’s fishery, on the other hand, is a mirror image of last year. Donner is full, and it’s one of the only lakes in the region that is. You won’t have a problem launching this summer like you will in other Tahoe area lakes. The fish we are catching aren’t large, but are plentiful. It’s a great place to take kids, as action is usually consistent. .. Read more

Chelan Kokanee Showing No Signs of Slowing Down
By Sam Baird | 06/04/2014
For large numbers and size, Lake Chelan is quickly becoming the go to kokanee fishery in the state. This spring an average stringer has been running 15 inches with many topping the 18 inches. Our biggest kokanee so far was 21 inches and weighed nearly four pounds. These fish are still growing in the lower basin of the lake. .. Read more

Washington Kokanee Anglers Flocking To American Lake
By Duane Inglin | 06/03/2014
We started seeing 14-inch Kokanee in early March when the surface temperature was in the high 40’s and the fish began to get active. By mid-April they were reaching 15 inches and they continue to grow. We are now seeing fish to 17 inches and I feel that by August expect many 18-inch fish... Read more

Trout Chewing Salmon Eggs On Oregon's Mckenzie River
By Chris Shaffer | 06/02/2014
Chase they did. In a short time, we caught and released dozens of trout (each) while filming Pautzke Outdoors. We did keep a few for a fish fry Stuart did when we finished, however. All the trout we caught were healthy 10-13 inch planters. We only caught two fish that were 14 inches. .. Read more

Cimarron River Stuffed With Rainbows
By Duane Inglin | 05/30/2014
To me the Cimarron is a classic trout stream. In several of the locations we fished the faster moving water was supported by structure. Rocks, boulders, downed trees and beaver dams create ideal holding pools that the trout naturally seek out. It wasn’t difficult to figure out where these fish were hanging out. .. Read more

Santa Monica Bay Red Crabs Showing Well
By Jim Salazar | 05/28/2014
In mid March lobster season closes in Southern California. When it does the majority of the hoopnetters in the Southland hang-up their hoop nets until October when the season reopens. Most don’t realize there’s another delicious resource at their fingertips. Known more by tourists than crabbers, Santa Monica Bay offers excellent crabbing and has a season that never closes... Read more

Huge Springers In the Tillamook Area
By Big Dave Manners | 05/26/2014
If you want big springers it’s going to be a challenge to find larger springers anywhere in the Northwest than what we have here in the Tillamook area. Our springers are much larger than the Columbia and Willamette fish. We get lots of 20 pound spring salmon, and the occasional that’s 30. These are big springers, but we have to work our butt off to catch fish this time of year. .. Read more

Tennessee's Little Pigeon River Loaded With Stockers
By Chris Shaffer | 05/21/2014
While known for Dollyworld, Great Smokey Mountains National Park and nightly themed shows, the greater Gatlinburg area is also popular to trout fishermen. From May through Labor Day the region’s trout streams are planted weekly with rainbow trout. Yes, weekly. And, while many of the fish stocked are yanked out within a few days there’s always more available for those willing to meander a few steps from the highway. .. Read more

Cowlitz Springers Coming Even In High Water
By Todd Daniels | 05/14/2014
The key to fishing springers is finding the slowest moving water. You have to find your secret little spot and stick with it. Patience is the key to catching springers on the Cowlitz River. When your patience runs out find some more. Especially with high water they are going to move into your hole. They are coming into the holes to stop and rest, but with the high water they are hauling through the system. You can see them porpoising, which tells me they are on the move. .. Read more

Lake Ontario Browns Pinned To The Shore
By Chris Shaffer | 05/11/2014
If this was bad, what’s good? Where else on the planet can you go and catch this many species, in an hour, on a scout trip, three hours before sunset, having run less than one-mile from the concrete? Not very many places. Sure, there’s areas of Lake Michigan where salmon fishing can be epic during certain times of year, but nowhere that this many species attack hooks. I’ve been to Alaska more than a dozen times and the fishing isn’t this good. Too bad there weren’t whales on Lake Ontario! I’d never go to Alaska again for big water trolling. .. Read more

Will Green Or Natural Be The Hot Upriver Color For Herring This Year?
By John Albrich | 05/09/2014
Last year I caught all my springers in the Lower Clearwater River, well the area they call The Pond, on green Fire Brined herring. With springer season ready to bust loose literally tomorrow I’m curious if green will again be the go-to color this spring, or if the salmon will be looking for something else. .. Read more

Adding Scent To Plugs For Salmon
By John Albrich | 05/08/2014
Any time you are adding additional scents to a natural bait, like Nectar and krill it’s that much more for a salmon to smell. It’s something different that induces strikes. With spring flows the rivers tend to run higher and faster than in the fall, which is why it’s important to change your wrap often because it gets torn up by the current. I like to change my baits every 15 minutes to ensure a fresh scent trail. .. Read more

Why Are All The Pros Using Fire Power?
By Toby Wyatt | 05/07/2014
As with any guide, I’m always looking for new things that work, and as soon as I started putting it in my herring brine our numbers almost doubled. Literally. Even worse, I’ve had it in my garage and never gave it a fair chance, till now. I’m now using it in all my brines, cures and on my plugs. Fire Power is pure krill powder, stuff all fish eat. Using it is a no brainer. .. Read more
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