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Steelhead Alley Creeks Producing Chromers

By: Tom Armstrong For nearly two decades I’ve fished steelhead on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes. Meanwhile, yesterday was my first time casting to steelhead in Pennsylvania’s Steelhead Alley on Lake Erie's south shore. I was with Chris Shaffer of Pautzke, on the fourth of a five-day sports/fishing expedition. After catching a college [...]

Pennsylvania Steelhead Following Traditional Fall Pattern

By: Joey Usher As with last season Pennsylvania steelhead anglers are being faced with low water again this fall. On a positive note, however, the sheer number of steelhead and their average size is on the rise. I’ve been up to target them several times this fall and have found success on steelies although the [...]

Learn To Add Seasoning For Trout/Salmon/Steelhead Success

By: Bob Kratzer Salmon constantly switch up what they key in on. Meanwhile, I’ve been noticing recently they are really focusing more on krill stuff. And, that’s with everything: my Super Baits, eggs and jigs. Krill scent defines our success right now and lately a lot of it is coming on jigs. What I’m trying [...]

Spicing Up Already Cured Eggs For Summer Steelhead

By: Todd Daniels This isn’t a great time of year for getting fresh eggs. Those of us chasing summer steelhead in the Northwest are likely using eggs from the fall or winter. In fact, all of my eggs were cured months ago in either BorX O Fire or Fire Cure. Finding fresh eggs is rare [...]

Learn The New No. 1 Coon Shrimp Recipe

By: Duane Inglin The Internet is littered with how to cure coon shrimp recipes. Some focus on recipes that are ready overnight, others take a few days, but the one I’ve been preaching for many years takes longer. I look for quality rather than a quick fix and something that will last for years when [...]

Southern Ontario Trout & Steelhead Still on Tap

By: Bojan Zivkovic This year’s spring steelhead season has seen smaller numbers of migrating steelhead compared to the last three years. Although fishing has been decent, we’ve had to grind it out when a fresh run wasn’t coming in. I believe the steelhead run is smaller because of the hot summer we had four years [...]

Southern Ontario Steelhead Confused by Wacky Weather

By: Josh Choronzey It is nearly the middle of April and the steelhead of the upper Great Lakes are likely just as confused as I am in terms of understanding Mother Nature’s current attitude. Two weeks ago we were enjoying double digit temps in t-shirts while the snow melted at unprecedented rates. Meanwhile days ago [...]

Spring Wintry Conditions Extending Northern Michigan Steelhead Season

By: Kyle McClelland This winter and spring steelhead season was one sent down by the Steelhead Gods in Northern Michigan. Mild weather and rain spread throughout the season provided pushes of fish sporadically stretched from the fall until now. It wasn't a record year for numbers, but there was always enough fish to keep anglers [...]

NY’s Salmon River Spring Steelhead Run Underway

By: Troy Creasy Our typical spring pattern has settled in on the Salmon River and as normal there’s a plenty of drop backs in the system. The hatchery is done with their egg take and those steelhead are dropping back out of the hatchery. There’s a ton of them up here and as they leave [...]

Northwest Oregon Steelhead Still Showing Late in the Season

By: Dave Manners It’s been a great steelhead season in the greater Tillamook area but we had a ton of high water to content with this year. In fact, we had a lot of days where the river didn’t fish. From the first of the year till know we probably only fished 60 percent of [...]