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Monthly Archives: June 2015


Tough Bait Bite Set to Improve At Colorado’s Elevenmile

By Chris Shaffer | 06/22/2015 No matter how good of an angler you are there are times when fishing is poor. Slow days happen even with the most veteran professional guides. This was the case for us last week in Rockies at Elevenmile Reservoir. Known as one of the premier fishing spots in Colorado, we [...]

Colorado’s DeWeese Reservoir Trout Biting

By Chris Shaffer | 06/21/2015 Fishing a new lake for the first time can be intimidating, particularly when you have no knowledge of where to fish, don’t personally know anyone who’s fished the lake and there’s no tackle shops in the area with updated reports. Meanwhile, last week in Southern Colorado, even with the above [...]

Caney Fork Kicking Out Lots of Tennessee Rainbows

By Chris Shaffer | 06/17/2015 The bite was good and bad last week on Central Tennessee’s Caney Fork. If you were a bait chucker the early morning and late evening yielded easy hookups. Once the sun hit the water, on the other hand, the bite stalled. At that point, fly guys hammered the trout as [...]

Kentucky’s Cumberland Rainbows

By Chris Shaffer | 06/14/2015 Near the small city of Burkesville, Kentucky, the Cumberland River boasts tall, steep, muddy banks, offers little public access and harbors a massive number of quality trout. We didn’t have a boat. Fortunately, we know Johnny Rush of Rainbow Guide Service, who has a boat. Rush has been guiding this [...]

A Guide’s Secret to the Perfect Halibut Bait

By Gary Blasi | 06/07/2015 I make a living guiding halibut, lingcod, rockfish and salmon on California’s North Coast and there are few things more important to earning a good paycheck than having good bait. Simply put, if it doesn’t work and constantly produce fish, you won’t find it on my boat. We have to [...]

Learn to Make Lingcod Candy

When most anglers fillet rockfish they discard the rib bones and belly meat. The strip of flesh has too many sharp bones to safely eat, and many fishermen think the belly portion of the fillet has little use. Instead of tossing the rib meat, I marinate them and use them for lingcod bait the next [...]

Marinating Baits to Create

     Of all the fish we catch in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and Alaska, none are more aggressive and territorial than lingcod. The ferocious predators prey almost exclusively on small rockfish.Taking advantage of their favorite food source, we use what I call "lingcod candy" when targeting lings. It is perhaps the [...]