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Monthly Archives: March 2013


Rockfish Bellies Soaked in Pautzke Nectar Hot Bait For Lingcod

By Andy Martin | 03/28/2013 Moments after the first lead-headed jig and large curly tail grub hit the bottom, one of the anglers on my boat exclaimed "fish on" as his rod doubled over with a steady tug, tug, tug. The angler coaxed the fish to the surface, and with a quick stab of the [...]

Last Chance For Southern Wisconsin Harbor Ice

By John Reddy | 03/25/2013 Every winter is different in the Midwest. Some years we get great ice fishing conditions while others we aren’t so lucky. This winter has yielded good ice fishing opportunities in the harbors of Southeast Wisconsin. We’ve had good ice and have been able to fish in a lot of areas [...]

Great Lakes Spring Steelhead: Temperature Rising

By Tim Roller | 03/24/2013 For Great Lakes steelhead anglers, spring is about as good as it gets. At no other time of the year are there more opportunities to catch these great fish in the tight confines of the rivers and streams that feed the five “inland oceans”. In addition to the massive migrations [...]

Wilson River Still Pumping Out Big Hatchery Fish

By Big Dave Manners | 03/22/2013 I know this is going to sound similar to what’s been going on north of here in Washington, but in the Tillamook area we seen fewer steelhead, yet the average fish is much bigger this season. Our steelhead have averaged 11-13 pounds, we’ve seen lots of fish over 15 [...]

The Credit River: March Madness in the Concrete Jungle

By Bojan (Bojangles) Zivkovic | 03/20/2013 The Credit River: March Madness in the Concrete Jungle You might be thinking about the NCAA basketball games that have begun to air this month. However, as much as I enjoy playing basketball, and love the sport itself, ‘March Madness’ to me means gearing up and getting ready to [...]

Making The Ultimate Spawn Sack: Learning To Cure Fresh Spawn

By Kyle Buck | 03/19/2013 It’s no secret that fresh spawn tied in sacks is the most popular method for targeting Great Lakes steelhead. While there are many ways to do this, I’d like to share mine. This is a quick and easy way, that’s virtually mess free and produces a great egg crafted for [...]

Entering Prime Time: Sol Duc River Seeing Fewer, But Larger Fish

Bob Kratzer | 03/15/2013 It’s been a slower than normal year in terms of numbers on Washington’s Sol Duc River. However, one nice thing to note is the steelhead are larger this year. And, we still have a month and a half left of the season, which should fish well. By no means is our [...]

Fire Brine Minnows: Go Outside The Box For Great Lakes Steelhead

By Kyle McClelland | 03/14/2013 Throughout winter in Northern Michigan I’ve been testing many techniques to try and improve my success steelhead fishing. I’ve caught fish fly-fishing, with BorX O Fire cured spawn and, most surprisingly, on brined shiners. In the past I haven’t used shiners for steelhead. However, after having success on the hard water while [...]

Crowds Are Thin, But Steelhead Abound On the Trinity

By Kirk Portocarrero | 03/13/2013 Many anglers in Northern California have packed away their steelhead rods for the season, but I’m here to tell you there’s still a lot of steelhead in the Trinity River, and more to come. Most people think prime time on the Trinity is November and December, and it is, but [...]

Steelhead Starting To Show In Ontario

By Josh Choronzey | 03/12/2013 As Ontario thaws out from a deep freeze and ice fishing begins to wind down, now is a perfect time for me to take a few minutes to appease Pautzke Sargent Shaffer with a Fire Blog update.  Here in Ontario, anglers are getting ready to welcome warmer temps and the [...]