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Monthly Archives: January 2012


Turning Eggs Into Steelhead Candy

By Andy Martin | 01/29/2012 Perhaps the most common question I get from my customers after a day of steelhead fishing on the Chetco and Smith rivers is what do I use to cure my bait. I'm happy to let them know. We call the eggs I use for winter steelhead in my boat "Steelhead [...]

Washington’s Chehalis River Steelhead Get A Boost

By Bill Swann | 01/23/2012 I've been fishing the Chehalis River system since 1982. Some years fishing can be so-so, but this isn't one of those years. It's a little bit better than normal right now. Actually, it's much better than that and for a good reason. Most years there are a lot steelhead that [...]

Winter Steelhead Fishing on New York’s Salmon River

By Troy Creasy | 01/19/2012 Pulaski, NY: Living in Upstate New York wintertime is always unpredictable. Some years we are faced with brutal conditions. I fished the Salmon River with clients in temperatures as low as -38 degrees (not one of my favorite days). Meanwhile, so far this winter has been mild. If these conditions [...]

Cooking Prawns for Steelhead

  By Bob Kratzer | 01/12/2012 A few years back I was doing a steelhead fishing seminar in front of more than 200 people. I pulled out a bucket of cured prawns and a guy in the back stood up almost immediately commented on how strong their scent was. Soon, the room smelled like prawns. [...]

Fire Bait for Steelhead?

By Jaron Janas | 01/08/2012 For those of you who fish winter steelhead in Northern British Columbia like I do you'll probably agree that even tougher than catching fish is keeping your fingers warm. I'm a big egg fisherman and a few weeks ago on a below freezing day at the Kalum River (which is [...]

Fire Brine Isn’t just for Herring

By Duane Inglin | 01/01/2012 Pautzke Director of Operations Chris Shaffer and I talk often. He knows how much I enjoy playing with bait and frequently picks my brain, so when called to ask if Fire Brine would work on single eggs my immediate response was "why?" Shaffer called because he knew over the summer; [...]